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Bartell BR4600 Forward and Reverse Direction Plate Compactor
Bartell BR4600 Forward and Reverse Direction Plate Compactor
Bartell BR4600 Forward and Reverse Direction Plate Compactor
Bartell BR4600 Forward and Reverse Direction Plate Compactor
Bartell BR4600 Forward and Reverse Direction Plate Compactor

Bartell BR4600 Forward and Reverse Direction Plate Compactor

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Unleash the power of efficiency with the Bartell BR4600 Reversible Compactor, now equipped with either the dynamic Honda GX390 13.0 HP EPA Engine or the robust Yanmar L100 Diesel 10.0 HP EPA Engine. Feel the earth move under your control as this ultimate compaction unit delivers a staggering 10,141 pounds of force with every vibration. Designed to transform challenging terrains into perfectly compacted foundations, the BR4600 is your steadfast partner in building a stronger tomorrow. Let Bartell's meticulously tested features elevate your work, as you effortlessly master even the most demanding projects.


Transform your compaction tasks with the Bartell BR4600 Reversible Compactor, featuring a dependable throttle control that puts the power of precision in your hands. This isn't just a control mechanism; it's your command center for unleashing a mighty 10,141 pounds of force with each vibration. Imagine the satisfaction as you sculpt landscapes and foundations with unparalleled accuracy and ease. This throttle control is a testament to Bartell's dedication to quality, ensuring your work not only meets but exceeds expectations. Let every project resonate with the strength and reliability of Bartell.


Dominate any terrain with the Bartell BR4600 Reversible Plate Compactor, where an earth-shattering 10,141 lbf of compaction force meets the formidable power of either the Honda GX390 13.0 HP EPA Engine or the Yanmar L100 Diesel 10.0 HP EPA Engine. With over 670 lbs of net weight, each pass is not just compacting; it's reshaping the very ground to your will. The heart of this powerhouse, a North American designed and manufactured exciter, ensures every vibration is a strike of precision and strength. Get ready to vibrate the planet with the BR4600, where your work doesn't just change landscapes, it defines them.


Elevate your performance with the Bartell BR4600 Reversible Plate Compactor, now featuring North American-made hydraulics. This isn't just an upgrade; it's your protection against downtime. Each component is crafted to perfection, ensuring not only an increase in performance but also a promise of longevity. As you command this machine, feel the confidence of working with a system designed to last, eliminating risks and maximizing efficiency. The BR4600 isn't just a tool; it's your reliable partner in achieving compaction excellence, day after day.


Maneuver with ease using the Bartell BR4600 Reversible Plate Compactor's expertly designed lifting hook. Handling over 670 pounds of robust machinery has never been more effortless. This feature isn't just a hook; it's a gateway to unparalleled mobility and convenience on your job site. With the BR4600, you’re not just moving a compactor; you’re strategically positioning a powerhouse exactly where you need it. This lifting hook embodies Bartell's commitment to practical, user-friendly design, ensuring your work is not just productive, but also seamless and hassle-free.


Discover the pinnacle of engineering excellence with the Bartell BR4600 Reversible Plate Compactor. At its core are the most innovative engines available, including the option of a robust Honda GX390 or a powerful Yanmar L100. This powerhouse is further enhanced by a North American designed exciter, ensuring every vibration is precise and effective. Professional-grade welding binds this marvel, leading to an astounding 10,141 lbf of compaction force. It's not just a compactor; it's a testament to the art of engineering, designed to elevate your work to new heights of efficiency and reliability. With the BR4600, prepare to master any terrain with confidence and prowess.


Experience the strength and durability that only professional welding can bring to the Bartell BR4600 Reversible Plate Compactor. This isn't just about joining metal; it's about fusing strength and reliability into every inch of your equipment. The meticulous welding process ensures that your compactor withstands the toughest conditions, delivering consistent performance job after job. With the BR4600, you're not just operating a machine; you're commanding a work of enduring craftsmanship, ready to tackle any challenge with unwavering confidence. Trust in the power of professional welding to keep your Bartell compactor at the peak of its performance.


Embrace the true North American spirit with the Bartell BR4600 Reversible Plate Compactor, proudly manufactured in North America. This is more than a machine; it's a symbol of service, integrity, and grit embedded in North American craftsmanship. Being North American-made means you benefit from unparalleled local service and support, ensuring that your compactor is always in top-notch condition. The integrity of its build reflects a commitment to quality and durability that only North American manufacturing can provide. With every use of the BR4600, you're not just compacting soil; you're wielding a piece of North American resilience and work ethic, ready to face the toughest jobs with unwavering strength and reliability.


Master your projects with the Bartell BR4600 Reversible Compactor, featuring an North American-made hydraulic handle that redefines efficiency. This handle isn't just a tool; it's your command center for seamless direction changes, offering extreme sensitivity and effortless control. The precision of North American-made hydraulics symbolizes peak performance and unwavering reliability, ensuring your work flows smoothly with no downtime. With the BR4600, it's not just about working hard; it's about working smart. Embrace the power of intuitive design and let every move be a testament to your expertise, propelling you towards success with every task.


Take control with confidence using the Bartell BR4600 Reversible Compactor's intuitive On and Off switch. This feature isn't just a switch; it's ensures ease, safety, and preparedness for any emergency. Designed with your workflow in mind, it allows for quick operation, letting you focus on the task with minimal distraction. The safety aspect is paramount, providing a reliable mechanism to immediately halt operations when necessary. This switch exemplifies Bartell's commitment to creating user-friendly, safe, and efficient machinery. With the BR4600, you're not just operating a compactor; you're commanding a machine that prioritizes your safety and convenience at every turn.


Elevate your compaction prowess with the Bartell BR4600 Reversible Compactor and its ingenious extension plates. Add a remarkable 6 inches to your machine's width, broadening your scope and enabling you to conquer more territory in every sweep. This smart upgrade not only boosts your efficiency and output but also revolutionizes the way you handle larger areas. Imagine slashing the number of passes required and accelerating project completion. These aren't mere accessories; they're transformative tools that enhance your compactor's flexibility, perfectly tailored for diverse project demands. Seize the advantage of Bartell's cutting-edge design and witness the transformation in your work, as these extension plates dramatically decrease your effort and time on each task.


The BR4600 Reversible Compactor is built for medium – large applications. Equipped with a Honda GX390, it has the power and force to effectively compact deep base material properly.


  • Hydraulic reversing mechanism with flexible maneuverability allows the machine for forward, backward, and spot-on compaction
  • Cast aluminum throttle lever for a more professional, stronger, and durable for tamping
  • New closed style frame for increased engine and guide hook protection
  • Cast aluminum belt cover for increased clutch and engine longevity
  • Ductile iron bases for increased strength and durability
  • Optional extension plates and urethane mat options available


BR4600H 19" (48cm) x 34" (86cm) plate, GX390 Honda, 10,120lbs/4,600kg centr. force 

BR4600HE 25" (62cm) x 34" (86cm) plate, GX390 Honda, 4,600kg c. Force, c/w ext kit (# 651111)

BR4600Y 19" (48cm) x 34" (86cm) plate, Yanmar L100 Diesel, Elec.Start 4,600kg centr. force 

BR4600YE 25" (62cm) x 34" (86cm) plate, Yanmar Elec.Start, 4,600kg Force, c/w ext kit (# 651111) 


Engine Type Honda GX390 Yanmar L100W
Power Output 11.7hp (8.7kW) 9.3hp (6.9kW)
Compaction Force 10141 lbf, 45kN, 4600 kgf
Max Travel Speed 72'/min (22m/min)
Length 62" (157cm)
Width 19" (48cm)
Height 37" (93cm)
Weight 672 lbs (305kg) 719 lbs (326kg)
Plate Size 19" x 34" (49cm x 86cm)


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Bartell BR4600 Forward and Reverse Direction Plate Compactor

Bartell BR4600 Forward and Reverse Direction Plate Compactor

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