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Bartell DB21 Heavy Duty Concrete Dumper Buggy
Bartell DB21 Heavy Duty Concrete Dumper Buggy
Bartell DB21 Heavy Duty Concrete Dumper Buggy
Bartell DB21 Heavy Duty Concrete Dumper Buggy
Bartell DB21 Heavy Duty Concrete Dumper Buggy
Bartell DB21 Heavy Duty Concrete Dumper Buggy
Bartell DB21 Heavy Duty Concrete Dumper Buggy
Bartell DB21 Heavy Duty Concrete Dumper Buggy
Bartell DB21 Heavy Duty Concrete Dumper Buggy
Bartell DB21 Heavy Duty Concrete Dumper Buggy

Bartell DB21 Heavy Duty Concrete Dumper Buggy

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Retire your manual wheelbarrow and upgrade to a Power Dumper Buggy for effortless transportation of materials like concrete, soil, and gravel. Bartell Global has been at the forefront with their Morrison Power Buggies since the 1990s, offering a reliable solution that enhances productivity on job sites annually.


Enjoy increased productivity, reduced risk of injuries, lower labor costs, and the ability to handle bigger projects more efficiently with Morrison Power Buggies.


  • DUMP AND DRIVE CAPABILITY: This feature allows for precise control of the load in both forward and reverse, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • OPERATOR’S PLATFORM WITH SIMPLE CONTROL SYSTEM: The comfortable and convenient control system ensures ease of use for the operator, improving job site performance.
  • EXCELLENT TRACTION & CONTROL: With a heavy-duty welded chassis, the buggy provides exceptional traction and control, crucial for safe and effective material transport.
  • STEEL BUCKET: A durable steel bucket means the power buggy is ready for the toughest of tasks, offering longevity and reliability.
  • POWER SUPPLY THROUGH HYDRAULIC PUMP: Powered by a heavy-duty hydraulic pump and two hydrostatic drive motors, this buggy delivers consistent and efficient operation.
  • FOOT OPERATED DUMP LEVER: The operator can keep both hands on the steering handle at all times, thanks to the foot-operated dump lever, enhancing safety and control.
  • 18 HP VANGUARD ENGINE ELECTRIC START: The powerful 18 HP Vanguard engine with electric start ensures reliable performance and easy operation.
  • FOAM FILLED TIRES (LIFETIME WARRANTY): These durable tires provide stability and ease of movement, backed by a lifetime warranty for peace of mind.
  • REMOVABLE WHEELS: The ability to reduce the width to less than 36 inches by removing wheels enhances the buggy's versatility and access to tight spaces.
  • 3200 LB LOAD CAPACITY: With a substantial load capacity, the power buggy is capable of handling large volumes of material, increasing work efficiency.
  • 21 CUBIC FEET VOLUME: This volume capacity allows for significant material transport per load, optimizing job site productivity.
  • 100% NORTH AMERICAN MADE: Pride in local manufacturing ensures a high-quality product that adheres to stringent North American standards.

Power Buggy Specifications Overview

  • TYPE: GASOLINE / PETROL: Utilizes gasoline/petrol, offering reliable and accessible fuel options for efficient operation.
  • ENGINE: VANGUARD - ELECTRIC START: The Vanguard engine with electric start provides dependable power, making startups quick and effortless.
  • POWER OUTPUT: 18HP (13KW): With an 18hp output, the power buggy delivers robust performance for various material transportation tasks.
  • WHEELBASE: 44" (112CM): The 44-inch wheelbase contributes to the vehicle's stability and maneuverability on various terrains.
  • LENGTH: 100" (254CM): At 100 inches in length, the power buggy provides ample space for material transport while maintaining easy maneuverability.
  • WIDTH (SINGLE WHEELS): 36” (90CM): The 36-inch width with single wheels allows the buggy to navigate through narrower spaces, enhancing accessibility.
  • WIDTH (DOUBLE WHEELS): 43.5” (110CM): With double wheels, the width expands to 43.5 inches, offering increased stability and load distribution.
  • HEIGHT: 53” (135CM): The power buggy's height ensures a comfortable operating level, while also allowing for easy loading and unloading.
  • WEIGHT: 1375 LB (623.5KG): The weight of the power buggy reflects its sturdy construction and ability to handle heavy-duty tasks.
  • LOAD CAPACITY: 3200 LBS (1451KG): A significant load capacity of 3200 lbs demonstrates the buggy's capability to transport large volumes of material efficiently.
  • CAPACITY: 21 FT3 (595L): With a 21 cubic feet capacity, the buggy can carry a substantial amount of material, reducing the number of trips needed.
  • SPEED: 7MPH (12KMH) AT 4000RPM: The power buggy can reach speeds up to 7 mph, facilitating quick and efficient transport of materials across job sites.
  • GROUND CLEARANCE: 6” (15CM): The 6-inch ground clearance allows the buggy to navigate over obstacles and uneven surfaces with ease.
  • TURNING RADIUS: 74 DEGREES: An impressive turning radius of 74 degrees enables the power buggy to maneuver in tight spaces, enhancing its versatility.


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At HOC, we meticulously select our dealers from a pool of globally renowned entities, ensuring that we offer only the best to you. Our commitment to excellence is further reflected in our offering of the most Comprehensive Warranty Periods among equipment dealers across North America.

This approach allows you to make your selection with a sense of confidence and assurance, knowing well that your purchase is under the protection of a warranty that's as steadfast and dependable as the product itself. We invite you to experience the peace of mind and trust that come with choosing HOC, where your satisfaction and security are our topmost priorities.

To view the specific warranty period applicable to this product, and to delve into the details of your protection, please click the link below.



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Bartell DB21 Heavy Duty Concrete Dumper Buggy

Bartell DB21 Heavy Duty Concrete Dumper Buggy

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