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Bartell Predator P800E Innovatech Planetary Concrete Grinder

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ALL NEW Predator Line of Concrete Grinder/Polishers

The PREMIUM LINE OF PLANETARY GRINDERS, newly REIMAGINED, REDESIGNED, and REENGINEERED with the highest standards in the industry. These machines are extremely reliable, productive, balanced, and easy to use for any operator. Designed to pair with the HD HEPA-filter Dust Extraction system for unbeatable dust control, ensuring your job site stays safe and compliant.


  • 3-HEAD PLANETARY DESIGN: Offers exceptional grinding and polishing performance with uniform results, making your floors look professionally finished every time.
  • PRECISE WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION FOR EXCEPTIONAL BALANCE: Ensures stable operation, reducing operator fatigue and allowing for smoother, more consistent grinding.
  • RELIABLE BELT-DRIVEN TECHNOLOGY: Provides dependable power transmission, minimizing downtime and maintenance, and ensuring consistent performance.
  • QUICK ADJUSTING HANDLES: Allow for easy modifications to the machine's setup, improving user comfort and adaptability on the job site.
  • ADJUSTABLE SPRING-ASSISTED SWING WEIGHTS FOR VARIABLE HEAD-PRESSURE: Enables fine-tuning of the grinding pressure, allowing for optimal results on different surfaces and conditions.
  • HEAVY-DUTY 3/8" PLATE STEEL FRAME: Guarantees durability and long-lasting performance, even in the toughest job site conditions.
  • INTEGRATED TRANSPORT WHEEL FOR SAFE MOBILITY AROUND THE JOB-SITE: Makes it easy to move the machine, enhancing efficiency and reducing physical strain.
  • VARIABLE SPEED CONTROL: Allows precise adjustments to the grinding speed, giving you full control over the finish of your floors.
  • FORWARD/REVERSE GRINDING: Enhances flexibility and allows for better handling in various grinding and polishing scenarios.
  • INTEGRATED WATER TANK: Facilitates wet grinding, reducing dust and extending the life of your grinding tools.
  • BRIGHT LED WORK LIGHT AT BOTH FRONT AND REAR OF THE MACHINE: Ensures optimal visibility, improving safety and accuracy during operation.
  • ADJUSTABLE DUST SKIRT FOR EFFECTIVE DUST SUPPRESSION: Keeps your work environment clean and compliant with health and safety regulations.
  • INTEGRATED LIFT, TIE-DOWN, AND WINCH POINTS: Simplifies transportation and securing of the machine, enhancing overall convenience and safety.


  • MODEL: P800E
  • ELECTRIC MOTOR: 230V, 60 Hz, 3 Phase and 460V, 60 Hz, 3 Phase: Delivers robust and adaptable power options for various job site requirements.
  • POWER OUTPUT: 20 hp (15 kW): Ensures powerful performance, capable of handling the toughest grinding tasks.
  • VARIABLE HEAD SPEED: 890 rpm: Provides optimal speed for different grinding applications, enhancing efficiency and finish quality.
  • WATER TANK CAPACITY: 12.5 gal (47 litres): Large capacity for extended wet grinding sessions, reducing the need for frequent refills.
  • VACUUM PORT: 3" (75 mm): Ensures effective dust extraction, maintaining a clean and safe work environment.
  • GRINDING FORCE: 877 lbs (397 kg): Delivers substantial pressure for efficient and effective grinding.
  • GRINDING WIDTH: 30” (762 mm): Wide grinding path for faster job completion and higher productivity.
  • INDIVIDUAL HEAD DIAMETER: 11” (279 mm): Optimal size for precision and control during grinding operations.
  • MAX HEIGHT (HANDLE UP): 82.5” (2092 mm)
  • MIN HEIGHT (HANDLE DOWN): 51.5” (1310 mm)
  • MIN LENGTH (HANDLE & WEIGHTS FORWARD): 68.5” (1740 mm)
  • MAX LENGTH (HANDLE & WEIGHTS BACK): 92.5” (2345 mm)
  • WIDTH: 31.5” (800 mm): Compact enough to maneuver in tight spaces yet wide enough for effective grinding.
  • MACHINE WEIGHT: 1254 lbs (568 kg): Heavy-duty construction for stability and durability during demanding tasks.


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Bartell Predator P800E Innovatech Planetary Concrete Grinder

Bartell Predator P800E Innovatech Planetary Concrete Grinder

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