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C90 17 Inch Commercial GX200 Plate Compactor + Wheel Kit + Water Kit
C90 17 Inch Commercial GX200 Plate Compactor + Wheel Kit + Water Kit
C90 17 Inch Commercial GX200 Plate Compactor + Wheel Kit + Water Kit
C90 17 Inch Commercial GX200 Plate Compactor + Wheel Kit + Water Kit
C90 17 Inch Commercial GX200 Plate Compactor + Wheel Kit + Water Kit
C90 17 Inch Commercial GX200 Plate Compactor + Wheel Kit + Water Kit

C90 17 Inch Commercial GX200 Plate Compactor + Wheel Kit + Water Kit

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Experience the power of the GX200 6.5 HP EPA Engine in our HOC C90 17.5 Commercial Plate Compactor, delivering an impressive 3372.13 compaction force for unparalleled ground preparation efficiency. Designed for contractors seeking to maximize productivity, this compact but mighty machine ensures deep, reliable compaction for a variety of materials, making it an essential tool for paving, landscaping, and construction projects. Its EPA-certified engine not only offers exceptional performance but also meets environmental standards, providing a perfect blend of power and sustainability for your most demanding jobs.


Discover the apex of North American innovation with the HOC C90 Commercial Grade 182 Pound Plate Compactor, which brings to the table an impressive 3372.13 LBF of compaction force with each vibration. Attain complete compaction in soil-related activities with this exceptionally powerful, yet medium-sized, marvel. Engineered for contractors seeking unmatched efficiency and performance, the HOC C90 redefines excellence in compaction technology, ensuring that your projects rest on solid, dependable foundations.


HOC's exclusive use of cast iron base plates for its compactors is a strategic choice that offers numerous advantages over cold rolled steel, particularly for the demanding conditions of construction sites. Here are several reasons why cast iron plates are superior for plate compactors:

  • Durability and Longevity
  • Vibration Damping
  • Impact Resistance
  • Weight Advantage
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Sustainability
  • Cost-Effectiveness Over Time

    The HOC C90 Commercial Plate Compactor redefines efficiency on the job site with its complimentary removable wheel kit, enhancing portability and agility like never before. Designed with the contractor's convenience at the forefront, this cutting-edge addition significantly reduces operator fatigue, facilitating smooth and swift transitions across a variety of terrains. Its user-friendly design, paired with robust compaction power, ensures high-quality performance without sacrificing ease of use, streamlining project operations and elevating productivity. Discover the perfect combination of power and ease with the HOC C90, where exceptional compaction capability seamlessly merges with unparalleled ease of transport.


    The HOC C90 Commercial Plate Compactor elevates job site efficiency with its built-in complimentary lifting hook, a feature specifically engineered to reduce operator fatigue, boost production rates, and facilitate transportation. This strategic enhancement underlines the compactor's dedication to a user-centric design, allowing for easy lifting and enhanced mobility on the job site. By addressing the complexities of maneuverability and placement, the HOC C90 augments convenience, guaranteeing improved efficiency and smooth operation across all construction endeavors. Enhance your project's productivity with the HOC C90, where user convenience and top-notch performance are flawlessly combined.


    The HOC C90 Commercial Plate Compactor redefines industry benchmarks with its innovative foldable shock absorption handle, an ergonomic innovation aimed at significantly minimizing operator fatigue and enhancing the ease of storage and transportation. This thoughtful design enables the compactor to seamlessly fit into the bed of a pickup truck, highlighting its supreme convenience for contractors who are always on the move. Complementing its ergonomic prowess, the HOC C90 features a reliable throttle control system that mirrors the precision and dependability of top-tier brands like Bartell Global. This combination of ergonomic handling and advanced throttle technology ensures the HOC C90 is not just easy to manage off the job site but also delivers exceptional performance on the job, establishing it as a vital instrument for efficient, effortless compaction in any construction project.


    The HOC C90 17.5 Inch Commercial Plate Compactor is the epitome of excellence in construction machinery, featuring unparalleled welding quality and structural stability that's assured for the machine's lifespan, owing to its prestigious North American manufacturing origin. Its exceptional attention to detail distinguishes it from the competition, ensuring that it not only meets but exceeds the stringent requirements of construction environments. Crafted for unmatched reliability and durability, the HOC C90 provides contractors with a robust tool engineered to withstand the challenges of time and continuous use, making it an essential piece of equipment for any project that demands the utmost in efficiency and durability.


    The exclusive North American throttle system, power clutch, and exciter, designed and manufactured in Texas specifically for HOC, stand as a testament to unparalleled durability, engineered to surpass the lifespan of the machine itself. Featured across all HOC plate forward and reversible compactors, these innovations highlight HOC's unwavering commitment to excellence. This commitment ensures that contractors receive unmatched reliability and performance, reinforcing HOC's promise to deliver exceptional value and quality. With these advanced features, HOC not only meets the rigorous demands of construction sites but also sets a new benchmark for longevity and efficiency in the industry.


    The North American centrifugal power clutch on HOC plate compactors sets the standard for unmatched durability and operational efficiency, empowering contractors with minimal downtime and peak productivity on even the most challenging sites. This advanced feature ensures a seamless power transfer, offering steadfast performance and superior control across all compaction duties, enabling professionals to tackle their projects with confidence and precision.


    The HOC C90 commercial 17.5-inch plate compactor introduces a game-changing complimentary water kit, pushing its compaction effectiveness to unprecedented levels. This ingenious addition prevents asphalt from sticking to the plate through water application, facilitating a seamless and more productive compaction cycle. The innovative option to turn off the water valve serves a dual function; it adds significant weight to the compactor, amplifying the compaction force above an already impressive 3372.13 pounds of compaction force. This multifaceted improvement not only enhances the machine's performance across a variety of materials but also extends its utility, providing contractors with a versatile and potent tool for achieving optimal compaction density with unparalleled accuracy and dependability.


    HOC's new polyurethane pad, setting the industry benchmark with its thickness—50% more than any rival's—epitomizes the pinnacle of durability and precision. Designed for a flawless fit to the plate with precision up to 1mm, this pad, boasting a durability that is tenfold that of rubber, exemplifies HOC's commitment to engineering excellence. This innovation comes complete with all essential hardware, providing contractors with an easy-to-install solution that safeguards paver stones against scratches and breakage. This enhancement ensures a smooth, dependable operation across all projects, reinforcing HOC's pledge to deliver superior quality and satisfaction.

    The Commercial Plate Series stands as a testament to the exceptional blend of high-quality North American parts, cost-effective design, and superior craftsmanship. Designed to excel in any soil compaction task, this series achieves outstanding performance on both hot and cold asphalt surfaces. Its ergonomic design features a vibration-damping guide handle that significantly lessens operator fatigue, making it indispensable for projects that demand precision and longevity. Renowned for its performance and durability, the series is perfectly suited for compact spaces such as parking lots, highways, bridges, as well as near structures, curbs, and abutments. Additionally, the series showcases the Commercial C90 model, which delivers the same high-level performance as the HC90 Honda model but at a more accessible price point. Importantly, the inclusion of a North American-made Exciter, engineered to surpass the lifespan of the rest of the machine, underscores the series' commitment to reliability and long-term service.

    Discover the HOC C90’s Unrivaled Features:

    • Unprecedented Compaction Force: With a groundbreaking compaction force of 3372.13 lbf for a 182 lb compactor, the HOC C90 redefines industry standards, leading the way in innovation, warranty, performance, and cost-effectiveness.
    • Removable Wheel Kit: Embrace the ethos of working smarter, not harder, with the included removable wheel kit, designed for effortless transportation and maneuverability on any job site.
    • Enhanced Large Water Tank: Tackle hot asphalt jobs with confidence. The oversized water tank not only prevents asphalt from sticking but also doubles as an innovative solution for increasing compaction force by adding water for additional weight.
    • Convenient Lifting Hook: Transporting the unit has never been easier, thanks to the strategically placed lifting hook, ensuring the C90 is as mobile as it is mighty.
    • Compact Yet Powerful: The C90’s sleek design does not compromise on power, offering access and effective compaction even in the most restricted spaces, thus maximizing convenience and efficiency.
    • Agility Meets Speed: Designed for high-speed operation and exceptional maneuverability, this model enhances your productivity, allowing for quick transitions and efficient compaction across diverse terrains.
    • Ergonomic Excellence: Ergonomically designed lifting handles ensure that loading and unloading from transport vehicles is a breeze, reducing operator strain and significantly enhancing usability.
    • Durability That Stands the Test of Time: Featuring specially designed North American exciter and a robust cast iron base plate, assembled by hand in North America, this compactor is built to last, meeting the rigorous HOC standard that has pushed the industry forward.

    Leading Specifications:

    • Compact Yet Powerful: At a mere 82 kg (180 lb), it skillfully blends ease of transport with impressive compaction strength.
    • Powerful Performance: Equipped with the durable 6.5 hp GX200 engine, the C90 seamlessly handles diverse soil conditions.
    • Rapid Movement: Achieving a travel speed of 25 cm/s, it quickly covers compaction zones, enhancing your operational efficiency.
    • Uniform Compaction: With a frequency of 5600 vpm, the C90 ensures thorough and even soil compaction, setting the stage for successful projects.
    • Exceptional Compaction Force: Delivering a force of 15 kn (3372.13 lbf), it provides a reliable foundation for any endeavor, promoting durability and stability.

    The HOC C90 elevates beyond the typical duties of a forward plate compactor, symbolizing excellence, effectiveness, and steadfast dependability. Designed for individuals who seek nothing but the finest and will not settle for less, the C90 encourages you to forge your way to triumph with unmatched assurance. Become part of the elite group of experts who select the HOC Commercial Plate Series, and allow the HOC C90 to reinforce the groundwork of your ventures, time and again.


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    C90 17 Inch Commercial GX200 Plate Compactor + Wheel Kit + Water Kit

    C90 17 Inch Commercial GX200 Plate Compactor + Wheel Kit + Water Kit