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ELES10EA Semi Electric Self Loading Pallet Stacker 2204 lb + 51'' Capacity
ELES10EA Semi Electric Self Loading Pallet Stacker 2204 lb + 51'' Capacity
ELES10EA Semi Electric Self Loading Pallet Stacker 2204 lb + 51'' Capacity
ELES10EA Semi Electric Self Loading Pallet Stacker 2204 lb + 51'' Capacity
ELES10EA Semi Electric Self Loading Pallet Stacker 2204 lb + 51'' Capacity
ELES10EA Semi Electric Self Loading Pallet Stacker 2204 lb + 51'' Capacity

ELES10EA Semi Electric Self Loading Pallet Stacker 2204 lb + 51'' Capacity

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Discover the ELES10EA Semi Electric Self Loading Pallet Stacker

Transform your delivery and operational capabilities with the ELES10EA open-bottom loader, your premier self-lifting skid and freight solution. Designed to effortlessly ELEVATE LOADS UP TO 2204 LBS AND 51" HIGH, this loader is unmatched in versatility, compatible with every skid type and a broad spectrum of delivery vehicles like Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, Ram ProMaster, and Nissan NV cargo vans. Its formidable lifting capacity of 2204 lbs and the ability to reach heights up to 51 inches guarantee superior efficiency and adaptability for your intricate projects.

Experience unparalleled precision with the ELES10EA Semi Electric Self Loading Stacker, engineered for unstoppable performance and continuous lifting. Its sleek design coupled with smooth steering allows for extraordinary maneuverability, making tight spaces easy to navigate. With a significant load capacity of 2204 lbs and a lift height of 51 inches, this semi-electric self loading pallet stacker is the epitome of operational excellence, ideal for enhancing productivity in garages, workshops, warehouses, or any delivery service dealing with substantial loads.

Concluding with a pivotal advancement, the ELES10EA unveils a dynamic semi-electric stacker energized by a 100% MAINTENANCE-FREE BATTERY. This essential tool emerges as your indispensable ally, effortlessly managing heavy loads in diverse settings including garages, workshops, warehouses, and delivery vehicles.


  • NO LIMITATIONS: Works on all skids!
  • MAINTENANCE-FREE BATTERY: Enjoy uninterrupted performance with our hassle-free battery, keeping your operations running smoothly.
  • LIFTGATE AND PALLET JACK IN ONE MACHINE: Experience unmatched versatility, combining two essential functions in a single, efficient unit. This hybrid functionality not only saves space by eliminating the need for separate equipment but also reduces the time and effort needed to switch between tasks, enhancing operational efficiency and flexibility.
  • WEATHER PROTECTION: Say goodbye to weather-related interruptions as the ELES10D rides with the load protected at all times.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE EFFICIENCY: Streamline your operations and cut costs by transforming a 2-person job into a seamless one-person task.
  • SAFETY FIRST: Prevent delivery accidents and workplace injuries with our precision-engineered semi-electric freight loader.
  • SIMPLE OPERATION, UNLIMITED POTENTIAL: Empower your entire delivery workforce with easy-to-use functionality.
  • BATTERY-POWERED & CHARGES EN ROUTE: Stay powered throughout your journey with convenient charging options.
  • HIGH PRODUCTIVITY IN CONFINED SPACES: Say hello to maximum efficiency, even in tight aisles, congested areas, or stockrooms.
  • EXTENDED WORKING HOURS: Experience exceptional productivity with extended working hours per charge.
  • NORTH AMERICAN PLUG: Convenience meets efficiency with our 120 V North American plug, ensuring seamless compatibility.
  • ONE-MAN MANEUVERING: Navigate your way through tight spaces effortlessly with one-man maneuverability.
  • LOADING/UNLOADING: Extremely fast lifting and lowering of loads and the unit itself.


  • Load Capacity Kg (Lbs): 1000 (2204)
  • Net Weight Kg (Lbs): 310 (683.43)
  • Height Capacity In: 51
  • Lifting Motor Power: 0.8 Kw
  • Battery V/Ah: 12/45
  • Outer Width Of Lift Fork: 22.25 In
  • Max Distance Between Lifting Forks: 7.00 In
  • Min Height Of Lifting Forks: 2.5 In
  • Width Of Lifting Forks: 7.5 In
  • Dimensions: 34 X 64 X 66 In
  • Tire: Nylon Wheel

Experience the future of cargo handling with the ELES10EA Semi Electric Self Loading Pallet Stacker. Elevate your productivity, enhance safety, and optimize your operations with this game-changing semi electric stacker. Join our community of satisfied customers and take the first step towards revolutionizing your delivery game.


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Above all, we prioritize your Peace of Mind. From secure packaging to reliable delivery partners, every step of the shipping process is designed to ensure your order reaches you safely and without any hassle. Plus, our customer service team is always here to help with any questions or concerns, providing you with a worry-free shopping experience.


At HOC, we meticulously select our dealers from a pool of globally renowned entities, ensuring that we offer only the best to you. Our commitment to excellence is further reflected in our offering of the most Comprehensive Warranty Periods among equipment dealers across North America.

This approach allows you to make your selection with a sense of confidence and assurance, knowing well that your purchase is under the protection of a warranty that's as steadfast and dependable as the product itself. We invite you to experience the peace of mind and trust that come with choosing HOC, where your satisfaction and security are our topmost priorities.

To view the specific warranty period applicable to this product, and to delve into the details of your protection, please click the link below.

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ELES10EA Semi Electric Self Loading Pallet Stacker 2204 lb + 51'' Capacity

ELES10EA Semi Electric Self Loading Pallet Stacker 2204 lb + 51'' Capacity