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HOC8700 9 Foot Dig PTO Backhoe Attachment
HOC8700 9 Foot Dig PTO Backhoe Attachment
HOC8700 9 Foot Dig PTO Backhoe Attachment
HOC8700 9 Foot Dig PTO Backhoe Attachment
HOC8700 9 Foot Dig PTO Backhoe Attachment
HOC8700 9 Foot Dig PTO Backhoe Attachment
HOC8700 9 Foot Dig PTO Backhoe Attachment
HOC8700 9 Foot Dig PTO Backhoe Attachment
HOC8700 9 Foot Dig PTO Backhoe Attachment
HOC8700 9 Foot Dig PTO Backhoe Attachment
HOC8700 9 Foot Dig PTO Backhoe Attachment
HOC8700 9 Foot Dig PTO Backhoe Attachment
HOC8700 9 Foot Dig PTO Backhoe Attachment
HOC8700 9 Foot Dig PTO Backhoe Attachment

HOC8700 9 Foot Dig PTO Backhoe Attachment

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Unleash unparalleled power with the HOC8700 PTO Backhoe Attachment. With an impressive 9-foot digging depth and a robust 6,706 lbf digging force, no task is too tough. Imagine effortlessly breaking through dense soil and rocky terrain with precision and ease. This backhoe attachment transforms your workload, making every excavation job quicker, smoother, and more efficient. Elevate your projects and experience the ultimate in digging performance with the HOC8700. Your toughest jobs just got a lot easier.


Discover the unparalleled advantage of a minimum 25 horsepower at the PTO, guaranteeing your tractor consistently delivers robust power for all attachments. This powerhouse capability means you can confidently tackle a diverse range of tasks without fearing performance dips. Combined with the innovative self-contained hydraulic system, you’ve got a true game-changer. This internal hydraulic system ensures seamless operation, eliminating the need for external connections. Setup becomes quicker, and your tractor’s longevity is enhanced, ensuring consistent performance. Transform your tractor into a productivity powerhouse with unmatched versatility, power, and efficiency on every job.


Introducing the 3-tooth, 12-inch hardened steel bucket. Built for unparalleled durability and strength, this bucket tackles the toughest digging tasks with ease. Its hardened steel construction ensures long-lasting performance, resisting wear and tear even in the most demanding conditions. Dig deeper, faster, and more efficiently, transforming heavy-duty jobs into smooth operations. Elevate your work with unmatched power and resilience, turning every challenge into a triumph. Your toughest projects just met their match.


Experience the ultimate in control and versatility with the hydraulic thumb, now standard on all units. This powerful addition allows you to grasp and handle materials with pinpoint accuracy, making tasks like lifting, moving, and positioning debris or materials effortless. Enhance your productivity with this essential tool that turns complex jobs into simple, manageable tasks. The hydraulic thumb's precision ensures you can tackle any project with confidence and ease, transforming your workflow into a seamless operation.


Unlock new levels of flexibility and reach with the 180-degree boom swing, allowing you to access hard-to-reach areas with ease. This feature enhances your maneuverability, enabling you to dig, lift, and position materials from any angle. Perfect for tight spaces and complex job sites, the 180-degree boom swing transforms your efficiency, letting you handle tasks that would otherwise require repositioning. Experience the freedom to work smarter, not harder, and elevate your productivity to new heights.


Experience unmatched comfort and control with the HOC8700 Backhoe Attachment’s ergonomic Italian controls. Designed for intuitive handling, these controls reduce operator fatigue, enabling you to work longer and more efficiently. Every movement feels smooth and precise, transforming demanding tasks into effortless actions. Coupled with heavy-duty steel welded construction, the HOC8700 is built to withstand the toughest conditions, ensuring maximum durability and longevity. Elevate your work with a reliable, powerful backhoe that makes every job feel like a breeze.


Achieve rock-solid stability with the HOC8700 Backhoe Attachment’s hydraulic stabilizer legs. These legs provide secure support on any terrain, ensuring precise and safe operation even in challenging conditions. With hydraulic stabilizers, you can focus on the task at hand without worrying about shifting or instability. Coupled with ergonomic Italian controls, you get both comfort and confidence, making every job more efficient and stress-free. Transform your heavy-duty tasks with unparalleled support and reliability.


Ensure your surfaces remain pristine with the HOC7000 Backhoe Attachment’s replaceable rubber landing pads. Engineered for ultimate ground protection, these pads provide secure and stable support while preventing damage to delicate or finished surfaces. The replaceable design ensures long-term efficiency and ease of maintenance. Combined with ergonomic Italian controls, the HOC7000 delivers precise, comfortable operation with superior care for your work environment. Elevate your projects with unmatched protection and performance.


Keep your backhoe attachment performing at its peak with easily replaceable pins and bushings. This thoughtful design simplifies maintenance, ensuring your equipment stays in top condition longer. Reduce downtime and extend the life of your backhoe with hassle-free part replacements. Paired with ergonomic Italian controls, this backhoe offers superior comfort, precision, and durability, making heavy-duty tasks easier and more efficient than ever. Invest in reliable performance and seamless upkeep for a smoother workflow.


Protect your investment with a rust-resistant powder coat finish. This advanced coating forms a tough, protective layer that shields your equipment from moisture, chemicals, and harsh environmental conditions, preventing rust and corrosion. Enjoy long-lasting durability and a pristine appearance, even in the toughest work environments. Paired with ergonomic Italian controls, this backhoe attachment offers unmatched reliability, comfort, and performance. Elevate your heavy-duty tasks with superior protection and efficiency. Your equipment deserves nothing less.


Experience the pinnacle of quality with our backhoe attachment, meticulously assembled by hand in North America. This careful assembly process ensures every component meets the highest standards of precision and durability. Our commitment to delivering reliable, high-performance equipment shines through in every HOC product. With features like ergonomic Italian controls and a rust-resistant powder coat finish, this backhoe attachment stands as a testament to superior craftsmanship and unparalleled reliability. Elevate your work with handcrafted excellence and enduring performance.


Experience unparalleled quality with HOC’s meticulous Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI). Each HOC7000 Backhoe Attachment is assembled piece by piece, ensuring all parts are in excellent working condition before packaging. Enjoy added peace of mind with our 1-year protection and nationwide access to service centers. This extensive support network ensures you’re always taken care of, allowing you to focus on your work with confidence and peace of mind. Elevate your experience with unmatched service, reliability, and dedication to excellence.

HOC8700 Backhoe Attachment

The HOC8700 backhoe attachment defines the term value. Composed of heavy-duty steel, this unit is welded together to ensure maximum durability. The high quality of this product ensures longevity and performance under the most extreme conditions.

The HOC8700 has a three-point hitch, making it compatible with category 1 or 2 tractors that have at least 25 horsepower at the PTO. With a full 9' digging depth and equipped with a 3-Tooth 12 inch bucket, the HOC8700 is ready for any challenge.


  • HYDRAULIC VALVES: HOC backhoe attachments are equipped with top-of-the-line hydraulic control valves made of the best materials for long-term reliable use. This ensures smooth and efficient operation, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.
  • EASILY REPLACEABLE WEARABLE PARTS: Wearable parts such as pivot points, pins, pin bosses, and bushings are designed for easy replacement. This feature supports the longevity of the unit by making maintenance straightforward, saving you time and effort.
  • HIGH QUALITY ALUMINIUM GEAR PUMP: Equipped with a high-quality aluminum gear pump, there's no need to add oil as the lubrication is provided by the pumped hydraulic system. This design enhances reliability and reduces maintenance requirements.
  • QUICK ATTACH: The HOC optional quick attachment makes switching between the ripper and various bucket sizes incredibly easy, allowing you to adapt quickly to different tasks and increasing overall productivity.
  • HYDRAULIC THUMB : The hydraulic thumb is now standard equipment for easy handling of objects like rocks and landscaping materials. 
  • RUBBER PADS MOUNTED ON STABILIZER LEGS: Heavy-duty rubber pads reduce ground damage and come included at no extra cost, ensuring your worksite remains intact and minimizing repair needs.
  • HEAVY DUTY REPLACEABLE BUCKET TEETH: These heavy-duty teeth are bolted on and can be easily replaced when worn. This ensures your bucket maintains its performance and efficiency over time.
  • STANDARD HOSE FITTINGS: Using standard fittings available at any local hardware store, the HOC8700 simplifies repairs and replacements, ensuring you can quickly get back to work.
  • SMOOTH HYDRAULIC SYSTEM: The self-regulating hydraulic pump and tank do not require hydraulic draw from the tractor, ensuring proper flow and pressure. The pump attaches directly to the PTO spline of any category 1 tractor, eliminating the need for a PTO shaft and simplifying attachment.
  • 180 DEGREE BOOM OPERATION: With a complete 180-degree rotation, the boom can easily reach into tight spaces. This superior design enhances maneuverability and operational efficiency.
  • POWDER COAT PAINT: The powder-coated paint offers years of rust-free protection, keeping your backhoe looking and performing like new.
  • SERVICE: HOC sets the standard for service across North America. Our professional certified technicians perform pre-inspections prior to shipping. We commit to providing technical assistance and parts expeditiously, treating every customer with urgency.


  • MAXIMUM DIGGING DEPTH: 9 FT: Achieve significant digging depth, allowing you to tackle even the deepest excavation tasks with ease.
  • MAXIMUM DIGGING FORCE: 6,706 LBS: Benefit from powerful digging force, enabling you to break through tough ground and heavy materials effortlessly.
  • MINIMUM HP: 25 HP: Operate efficiently with minimal power requirements, suitable for a wide range of tractors, reducing operational costs.
  • BOOM SWING: 180 DEGREES: Enjoy versatile and flexible digging capabilities with a wide swing arc, enabling you to cover more ground without repositioning the machine.
  • CATEGORY 1 OR 2 - 3 POINT HITCH:: Easily attach to most tractors with the universal hitch system, providing a secure and stable connection for all your digging needs.
  • LOADING HEIGHT (BUCKET AT 60): 80.4 INCH: Achieve optimal loading height for efficient material handling, ensuring smooth and rapid operation for various tasks.
  • REACH FROM CENTER LINE OF SWING PIVOT: 116 INCH: Maximize your reach for comprehensive digging and material handling, enhancing your productivity on the job site.
  • TRANSPORT HEIGHT (MAXIMUM): 7.5 FT: Easily transport the machine without any hassle, thanks to its compact transport height, fitting into most trailers and transport vehicles.
  • BUCKET ROTATION: 180 DEGREES:: Experience superior maneuverability and control with extensive bucket rotation, allowing you to position the bucket precisely where you need it.
  • LOADING REACH (BUCKET AT 60): 50 INCH: Enhance your loading efficiency with a generous loading reach, making material handling faster and more effective.
  • TRANSPORT OVERHANG: 43 INCH: Minimize transport challenges with a practical overhang, ensuring the machine remains well-balanced and secure during transit.
  • STABILIZER SPREAD (DOWN POSITION): 100 INCH: Gain unmatched stability during operation with a wide stabilizer spread, providing a solid foundation for heavy-duty digging.
  • STABILIZER SPREAD (UP POSITION): 85 INCH: Reduce footprint and increase maneuverability with the compact stabilizer spread in the up position, ideal for tight job sites.
  • BUCKET CYLINDER DIGGING FORCE: 3210 LBS:: Unleash immense digging power to tackle tough soil and materials, ensuring high performance and efficiency in every task.
  • CYLINDER DIGGING FORCE: 2745 LBS: Achieve excellent digging force with the cylinder, enabling you to handle challenging digging conditions effortlessly.
  • HYDRAULIC VOLUME REQUIREMENTS: 5 TO 6 GPM: Operate smoothly and efficiently with optimal hydraulic volume requirements, ensuring consistent performance.
  • HYDRAULIC PRESSURE REQUIREMENTS: 2250 PSI: Maintain powerful and reliable operation with the required hydraulic pressure, allowing for robust digging capabilities.
  • NET WEIGHT: 657 KG / 1445.4 LBS: Benefit from a robust yet manageable weight, providing stability and ease of use during operation and transport.
  • SHIPPING WEIGHT: 682 KG / 1503.55 LBS: Receive your machine safely and securely, thanks to its shipping weight and durable packaging.
  • NEW IN FACTORY METAL CRATE: Enjoy the assurance of receiving a brand-new machine, securely packed in a factory metal crate for protection during shipment.
  • COLOR: BLACK: Sleek and professional, the black color ensures your machine looks as good as it performs, adding a touch of style to your equipment lineup.


This product qualifies for Free Shipping. There are no minimum purchase requirements or hidden fees. The price you see is the price you pay, without any surprises at checkout.

Quality assurance is our top priority. Before any item leaves our warehouse, it undergoes a Complimentary Pre-Inspection. This process ensures that what you receive is exactly what you ordered, in perfect condition.

Time is precious, and we respect yours. Our Unparalleled Speed in processing and shipping orders means you won't have to wait long for your purchase. Our efficient logistics team works tirelessly to ensure that your order is dispatched promptly and arrives well within the estimated delivery time of 3-5 Days.

Above all, we prioritize your Peace of Mind. From secure packaging to reliable delivery partners, every step of the shipping process is designed to ensure your order reaches you safely and without any hassle. Plus, our customer service team is always here to help with any questions or concerns, providing you with a worry-free shopping experience.


At HOC, we meticulously select our dealers from a pool of globally renowned entities, ensuring that we offer only the best to you. Our commitment to excellence is further reflected in our offering of the most Comprehensive Warranty Periods among equipment dealers across North America.

This approach allows you to make your selection with a sense of confidence and assurance, knowing well that your purchase is under the protection of a warranty that's as steadfast and dependable as the product itself. We invite you to experience the peace of mind and trust that come with choosing HOC, where your satisfaction and security are our topmost priorities.

To view the specific warranty period applicable to this product, and to delve into the details of your protection, please click the link below.

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Frank Beaudin
I’m impressed!

I’m really impressed by the service I’ve received so far. They were fast to contact me abd meke sure everything was on track with my order. Definately recommand House!

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HOC8700 9 Foot Dig PTO Backhoe Attachment

HOC8700 9 Foot Dig PTO Backhoe Attachment