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HOCTB360H 360 Degree Honda Towable Backhoe
HOCTB360H 360 Degree Honda Towable Backhoe
HOCTB360H 360 Degree Honda Towable Backhoe
HOCTB360H 360 Degree Honda Towable Backhoe
HOCTB360H 360 Degree Honda Towable Backhoe
HOCTB360H 360 Degree Honda Towable Backhoe
HOCTB360H 360 Degree Honda Towable Backhoe
HOCTB360H 360 Degree Honda Towable Backhoe
HOCTB360H 360 Degree Honda Towable Backhoe
HOCTB360H 360 Degree Honda Towable Backhoe
HOCTB360H 360 Degree Honda Towable Backhoe
HOCTB360H 360 Degree Honda Towable Backhoe
HOCTB360H 360 Degree Honda Towable Backhoe
HOCTB360H 360 Degree Honda Towable Backhoe
HOCTB360H 360 Degree Honda Towable Backhoe
HOCTB360H 360 Degree Honda Towable Backhoe
HOCTB360H 360 Degree Honda Towable Backhoe
HOCTB360H 360 Degree Honda Towable Backhoe
HOCTB360H 360 Degree Honda Towable Backhoe
HOCTB360H 360 Degree Honda Towable Backhoe
HOCTB360H 360 Degree Honda Towable Backhoe
HOCTB360H 360 Degree Honda Towable Backhoe

HOCTB360H 360 Degree Honda Towable Backhoe

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Power your projects with the HONDA GX270 9 HP EPA Engine, the driving force behind the HOCTB360H Towable Backhoe. This engine isn't just about raw power; it's a symbol of efficiency and reliability. As you command this backhoe, feel the engine's smooth operation and robust performance enhancing every dig and lift. It's designed to tackle the most demanding tasks with ease, ensuring your work is not just done, but done exceptionally well. You're not just operating a machine; you're wielding a tool that brings your skills to the forefront, making every project a testament to your craftsmanship and the engine's unmatched prowess. Elevate your work with this powerhouse at your command.


Elevate your project capabilities with the HOCTB360H Towable Backhoe, featuring an industry-leading 7.5-foot digging depth. This remarkable depth capacity enables you to tackle the most demanding excavation tasks with unparalleled ease. Imagine effortlessly reaching the depths needed for intricate landscaping, robust foundations, or complex utility installations. This isn't just a backhoe; it's a testament to your commitment to excellence and efficiency. Each dig reflects your expertise, as you effortlessly navigate below the surface, transforming challenging projects into masterpieces of construction. Embrace the depth, embrace the power, and make every excavation a landmark of your skill.


Unleash your full potential at the worksite with the HOCTB360H Towable Backhoe's exhilarating 360-degree articulation feature. Feel the power as you effortlessly rotate the digging arm in either direction – clockwise or counterclockwise – encompassing a full circle. This stunning flexibility allows you to tackle tasks from any angle, dramatically elevating your efficiency and maneuverability. Ideal for tight spaces, this feature lets you dig, scoop, and dump with ease, eliminating the need to reposition your machine. It's not just an upgrade; it's a revolutionary leap in how you handle projects, offering you unmatched freedom and simplicity in your work. Embrace this transformative experience and watch as every task becomes a triumph of precision and ease.


Elevate your digging capabilities with the HOCTB360H Honda Towable Backhoe's impressive 9.8 feet digging reach. Imagine effortlessly reaching new depths and distances, making your projects more efficient and less time-consuming. This feature allows you to cover more ground with precision, making every dig count. Experience the power and reach that will transform your work, giving you the edge in every task. Your success is within reach – extend your potential with every use.


Experience unparalleled comfort with the HOCTB360H Honda Towable Backhoe's suspension seat. Designed for long hours on the job, this seat cushions you against bumps and vibrations, reducing fatigue and keeping you focused. Embrace the smooth ride that lets you tackle tasks with greater ease and efficiency. This isn't just a seat; it's your throne of comfort and productivity, enhancing every moment you spend on your machine. Feel the difference and elevate your workday with every sit.


Unlock unparalleled versatility with the HOCTB360H Honda Towable Backhoe's 3 Tooth 12 Inch Bucket, expandable up to a colossal 40 inches. Tailor your machine to any task with options including a specialized V bucket, perfect for precision work. Imagine the power at your fingertips, effortlessly switching between sizes for various projects. This isn't just a bucket; it's a suite of tools that adapts to your needs, enhancing your machine's capability. Embrace the freedom to tackle any challenge, knowing you have the perfect tool for every job. Transform your work, one scoop at a time.


Enhance your machine's versatility with the additional hydraulic lines for the Hydraulic Auger and Hammer Attachment. Imagine effortlessly switching between drilling and demolition, a seamless transition that amplifies your capabilities. These lines are more than just connections; they're the lifelines that power your most demanding tasks. Feel the surge of efficiency as you easily attach tools, saving time and amplifying your productivity. Embrace the power to drill deeper and demolish stronger, all with a swift change of attachment. Your machine is now an unstoppable force, ready to conquer any challenge with ease.


Discover unparalleled control with the HOCTB360H Honda 360 Towable Backhoe's advanced 2 control levers, each offering 4-way directional control, plus an additional lever for hydraulic attachments. These levers put you in the driver's seat of precision and versatility. Imagine effortlessly guiding your backhoe in any direction with a simple touch, while seamlessly switching to your hydraulic attachments. This feature is not just about maneuvering; it's about empowering your work with accuracy and ease. Elevate your productivity and experience a new level of control that turns every task into an opportunity for excellence. Take command of your workday, one precise movement at a time.


Take charge of your performance with the HOCTB360H Honda 360 Towable Backhoe's dependable throttle control. This feature places the power of precision right at your fingertips, allowing you to effortlessly adjust the backhoe's power to suit any task. Imagine the confidence of having smooth, responsive control over your machine's speed and strength. This throttle control isn't just a mechanism; it's your key to a more efficient, effective workday. Step into a world where every move is measured, every task is tackled with precision, and your productivity soars to new heights. Experience the reliability that keeps you moving forward, job after job.


Elevate your mobility with the HOCTB360H Honda 360 Towable Backhoe's stabilizer leg slots for transport. These slots are a game-changer, ensuring your backhoe is always secure and ready to move. Imagine the ease of transporting your machine, knowing it's stable and protected. This feature isn't just about convenience; it's about providing peace of mind as you move from site to site. Embrace the freedom of seamless transport, and arrive at every job with your backhoe in perfect condition, ready to tackle any task. Transform your workday with stability that moves with you.


Experience the ultimate in towing convenience with the HOCTB360H Honda 360 Towable Backhoe's 2-inch hitch. This feature ensures that your backhoe is always ready for action, easily hitching to your vehicle for transport. Imagine the flexibility of moving your powerful tool to any site, hassle-free. This hitch isn't just a connector; it's a gateway to new possibilities, expanding your reach and enabling you to take on jobs anywhere. Embrace the ease of transport that keeps your work dynamic and efficient. Your backhoe is not just a machine, it's a mobile powerhouse, ready to go wherever your work takes you.


Conquer any terrain with the HOCTB360H Honda 360 Towable Backhoe's robust 17-inch tires. These tires are your foundation, providing stability and reliability across various ground conditions. Imagine the ease of navigating through rough, uneven sites, knowing your backhoe is supported by durable, all-terrain tires. This isn't just about mobility; it's about ensuring steady, uninterrupted progress in your work. Embrace the confidence to tackle any location, with tires that keep you grounded and ready for action. Your journey to efficiency and effectiveness in every job begins with every roll of these formidable tires.


Experience the exceptional quality of the HOCTB360H Honda 360 Towable Backhoe, proudly welded in North America. This backhoe is not just a tool; it's a testament to superior craftsmanship. Feel the difference in every component, knowing it's built with the strength and durability that only North American welding can provide. This feature is about more than just construction; it's about trusting in a machine that's crafted to meet the highest standards. Embrace the reliability and robustness that come from a heritage of excellence. Your backhoe is a symbol of hard work and precision, ready to stand up to any challenge you face.


Experience the unwavering commitment to quality with the HOCTB360H Honda 360 Towable Backhoe, meticulously assembled in North America. HOC takes no chances when it comes to your satisfaction and safety. Every component is put together with precision, ensuring a machine that meets the highest standards of reliability and performance. This isn't just assembly; it's a pledge to provide you with a backhoe that excels in every task. Feel the pride and confidence that come from using a machine crafted in a region renowned for its manufacturing excellence. Your success is built on the foundation of a backhoe that's assembled with care and expertise, ready to tackle any challenge with unwavering dependability.


Maximize your mobility with the Honda 360 Towable Backhoe's retractable double wheel kit. This innovative feature redefines convenience, allowing for smooth, effortless movement of your backhoe. Imagine the ease of transitioning from transport to operation, with wheels that retract seamlessly. This isn't just a wheel kit; it's a revolution in how you move and work. Feel the difference as you glide from one job site to another, knowing that setting up and packing up has never been easier. Embrace the freedom and agility that come with this cutting-edge design, enhancing your efficiency and transforming your workflow. With this backhoe, you're not just moving; you're advancing with every roll.

Introducing a ground-breaking piece of machinery that's set to revolutionize the way you tackle your construction projects. With its unparalleled 360-degree articulation, this machine empowers you to dig or dump with unprecedented freedom, exactly where you need it. Imagine the efficiency and flexibility at your fingertips, enabling you to navigate through the toughest of job sites with ease.

Dig deeper and reach further than ever before. With the capability to dig up to 7.5 feet deep and reach out 9.8 feet away, your projects will not only be completed faster but with unmatched precision. Every inch of depth and reach translates into saved time and increased profitability for your business.
At the heart of this machine is the robust Japanese GX270 9 HP EPA Engine, a testament to reliability and power. This engine ensures that you have the strength to power through any job, big or small, while adhering to environmental standards. It's not just a machine; it's a reliable workhorse that stands by your side.

Enhance your operational efficiency with dual control arms, designed for an intuitive and enhanced operation, plus an additional third control for attachments. This feature ensures that you're always in control, making your work smoother and reducing the effort required for each task.

Expand your capabilities with additional hydraulic lines, ready for a hydraulic auger or hydraulic hammer, depending on your project needs. This versatility means you can tackle a wide range of jobs without needing to invest in multiple pieces of equipment. 

Transportation is a breeze with the double wheel retractable wheel kit, 2-inch hitch, and 17-inch tires. Your mobility is uncompromised, ensuring that you can easily move from one site to another, saving time and boosting your project turnover rate. <br>

Proudly welded and assembled in North America, this machine is a symbol of quality and durability. Options Include a variety of buckets ranging from 12 inches to 40 inches, a V Bucket, Mechanic Thumb, Hydraulic Ripper, Engine Cover, Hydraulic Auger, and Hydraulic Hammer, you're equipped to handle any challenge thrown your way. 

This towable backhoe is the epitome of innovation, offering the closest experience to a self-propelled excavator at a fraction of the cost. Embrace the future of construction with a machine that's not just a tool but a game-changer for your business. Speed up your earned income with a machine that's built for the challenges of today and the opportunities of tomorrow. This isn't just an investment in a machine; it's an investment in your success. 

Included Components

  • 12 Inch 3 Tooth Bucket
  • 2 Stabilizer Legs
  • Double Wheel Retractable Wheel Kit
  • 2 17 Inch Tires
  • 2 Inch Tow Hitch


  • Displacement 270CC
  • Engine Type Horizontal Single Cylinder
  • 4-Stroke, OHV, 9 HP, Recoil Start
  • Engine Model GX270
  • Cooling System Forced Air Cooled
  • Fuel Type 87+ Octane Unleaded Gasoline 
  • Capacity 1.72 Gallon
  • Engine Oil Type Sae 10W-30 Above 32° F
  • 5W-30 At 32° F Or Below
  • Capacity 1 Quart
  • Hydraulic Oil 6.16 Gal / 28 L 
  • Tire Inflation 22 Psi
  • Digging Depth 7.5 Feet Deep 
  • Maximum Digging Reach 9.8 Feet
  • Spool Valve Rated 10.6 GPM
  • Pump Rated 2.7 GPM 
  • Boom Travel 360 Degree 
  • Bucket Load Capacity 12” Wide Bucket 1.24 Cubic Feet
  • Hitch Ball Size 2" Diameter
  • Net Weight 1210 Lb / 550 Kg
  • Gross Weight 1310 Lb / 595 Kg


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At HOC, we meticulously select our dealers from a pool of globally renowned entities, ensuring that we offer only the best to you. Our commitment to excellence is further reflected in our offering of the most Comprehensive Warranty Periods among equipment dealers across North America.

This approach allows you to make your selection with a sense of confidence and assurance, knowing well that your purchase is under the protection of a warranty that's as steadfast and dependable as the product itself. We invite you to experience the peace of mind and trust that come with choosing HOC, where your satisfaction and security are our topmost priorities.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
GUY Hamel
Super service

C’est ma 2e pelle mécanique que j’achète avec eux en 3 ans et le service est exceptionnel. Il y a eu un petit oubli dans ma livraison et après avoir communiqué l’information, ils ont régularisé le tout rapidement! Concernant la pelle 360, je la recommande énormément. Un gros merci!!!


As the head of procurement at Nature's Canvas, choosing the hoc towable backhoe was a decision based on both quality and the reputation of the supplier. We've been doing business with them for over 10 years, and their support has been unwavering. The 360-degree articulation feature has significantly improved our project turnaround times. The only con? I wish we had purchased it sooner! Absolutely in love with the results.

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HOCTB360H 360 Degree Honda Towable Backhoe

HOCTB360H 360 Degree Honda Towable Backhoe