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iQTS244 10
iQTS244 10
iQTS244 10
iQTS244 10
iQTS244 10
iQTS244 10
iQTS244 10
iQTS244 10
iQTS244 10

iQTS244 10" Dry Cut Tile Saw With Integrated Dust Control System

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Revolutionary Tile Cutting Solution for Professional Contractors

The iQTS244 redefines tile cutting with its innovative 10" dry cut system and fully integrated dust containment technology. Designed for professional contractors, it offers precision cuts on ceramic, porcelain, marble, and stone without the mess of water and harmful dust. This system not only saves time but also boosts profitability by eliminating the drawbacks of wet cutting.


  • DUST CONTAINMENT: FULLY INTEGRATED VACUUM SYSTEM WITH CYCLONE TECHNOLOGY: Captures harmful dust, ensuring a cleaner, safer work environment and reducing cleanup time.
  • MATERIAL COMPATIBILITY: EFFICIENTLY CUTS CERAMIC, PORCELAIN, MARBLE, AND STONE: Versatile cutting capability allows you to handle a wide range of materials with ease, providing precise and professional results.

Kit Inclusions

  • COMES COMPLETE WITH X-STAND AND A 10" COMBO BLADE: Ready for immediate use, saving you time and money on additional accessories.


  • VOLTAGE: 120V: Standard power supply compatibility for ease of use in various locations.
  • TOTAL SYSTEM AMPERAGE: 17AMPS: Ensures efficient power distribution across the system.
  • SAW MOTOR POWER: 1.5HP/12AMPS: Provides robust cutting power for tough materials.
  • VAC MOTOR POWER: 0.8HP/5AMPS: Powerful vacuum ensures effective dust collection.
  • VACUUM CFM: 92: High airflow for optimal dust containment.
  • SAW WEIGHT: 93LBS: Sturdy and stable for precision cutting.
  • SAW DIMENSIONS: 27"W × 34"L × 28"H: Compact yet spacious design for efficient operation.
  • STAND DIMENSIONS: 18"W × 28"L × 20"H: Convenient stand size for easy setup and use.
  • BLADE SIZE: Q-DRIVE 10" BLADE: Durable and sharp for smooth, accurate cuts.
  • FILTER TYPE: IQ DURA BOND CARTRIDGE: High-quality filter ensures long-lasting performance and easy maintenance.
  • RIP CUT CAPACITY: 24": Allows for large format tile cutting.
  • DIAGONAL CUT CAPACITY: 18": Provides versatility for different tile orientations.
  • CUTTING DEPTH: 1": Adequate depth for most tiling projects.
  • DUST CAPACITY: 11 LBS. OR OVER 500 L.F. OF CUTTING 3/8" THICK: Large dust capacity minimizes interruptions for emptying, enhancing productivity.


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iQTS244 10" Dry Cut Tile Saw With Integrated Dust Control System

iQTS244 10" Dry Cut Tile Saw With Integrated Dust Control System