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FREE SHIPPING   |    1-844-440-4014   |    LEASING   |   Open: 9-5:30 Monday to Friday
FREE SHIPPING   |    1-844-440-4014   |    LEASING   |   Open: 9-5:30 Monday to Friday

Exciting News: Our Equipment Rental Service is Launching Soon!

Get Ready for a Revolution in Equipment Rental!

House of Contractors - Industtrial Equipment Rentals

Fast, Reliable, and Ready for Your Projects

Top-Quality, Diverse Equipment Range

Find Everything You Need: Our extensive selection of premium construction equipment means you always have the right tools for the job, no matter the project size.

Competitive Rental Rates

Affordable Solutions for Every Budget: Enjoy competitive pricing that fits your project's budget, ensuring cost-effective solutions without compromising quality.

Fast and Efficient Service

Quick Turnaround, Maximum Productivity: We understand the importance of time in construction. Our streamlined rental process ensures you get the equipment you need, when you need it.

Flexible Rental Terms

Adapt to Your Project's Needs: Whether it’s short-term rentals or long-term leases, we offer flexible terms to match your project schedule and requirements.

Support Included

Hassle-Free Experience: Our rental equipment is regularly serviced and maintained to the highest standards, ensuring reliable performance on your job site. Plus, our team is always ready to provide support whenever needed.

Easy Online Booking and Consultation

Renting Made Simple: Use our user-friendly online platform to browse equipment, check availability, and book rentals. Need advice? Our expert team is here to help you choose the right equipment for your project.

Ready to Power Up Your Next Project?

Choose the smarter way to source your construction equipment. Contact us for a consultation or book your rentals online now

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