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Bartell BR3570 Forward and Reverse Direction Plate Compactor
Bartell BR3570 Forward and Reverse Direction Plate Compactor
Bartell BR3570 Forward and Reverse Direction Plate Compactor
Bartell BR3570 Forward and Reverse Direction Plate Compactor
Bartell BR3570 Forward and Reverse Direction Plate Compactor

Bartell BR3570 Forward and Reverse Direction Plate Compactor

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Elevate your construction projects with the Bartell BR3570 Reversible Plate Compactor, powered by the robust Honda GX270 9 HP engine. Feel the unmatched strength as it delivers a mighty compaction force of 7871 lbf, intensified by 449 pounds of weight with each vibration. This powerhouse ensures your work is not only efficient but also precise, significantly reducing your effort and time on site. With Bartell's commitment to top-tier quality, this feature is a game-changer, providing reliability and performance that you can trust. Experience the difference in your projects, as every press and compact turns your efforts into lasting, solid results.


Take control of immense power with the dependable throttle control on the Bartell BR3570 Reversible Plate Compactor. This precision-engineered feature allows you to seamlessly adjust the intensity to match your project's specific needs. Imagine the confidence and ease as you expertly manage the compactor's robust capabilities, ensuring optimal performance and results. With this level of control, your work becomes not just a task, but a craft, shaped precisely to your standards. Trust in the quality and reliability of Bartell, and let this throttle control transform your work into a true testament of professionalism and efficiency.


Unleash the power of 7871 lbf of compaction force with the Bartell BR3570, North America's most popular reversible compactor. This beast combines state-of-the-art exciter technology with a formidable 449 lbs of net weight, making every job not just easier, but a display of unmatched efficiency and effectiveness. Feel the ground shift under its might, compacting with precision and strength. This is where reliability meets peak performance, ensuring your projects stand the test of time. Choose the BR3570 for a work experience that's not just productive, but truly exhilarating. Trust Bartell to elevate your work to new heights of excellence and dependability.


Transform your job site mobility with the Bartell BR3570 Reversible Plate Compactor's wheel kit. This ingenious addition is a game-changer, making transportation of your compactor effortless and efficient. No more straining or wasted time - just the smooth, easy movement of your equipment to exactly where you need it. This wheel kit exemplifies convenience, enhancing your workflow and allowing you to focus on the task at hand with ease. With Bartell's commitment to quality, rest assured that this feature not only adds to your productivity but also to the longevity of your equipment. Embrace the ease and move your compactor with a freedom that feels almost liberating.


Experience effortless handling of the hefty Bartell BR3570 Reversible Plate Compactor, thanks to its strategically designed lifting hook. Weighing 449 pounds, this feature is a testament to practicality, enabling you to maneuver this substantial equipment with ease. Imagine the convenience of relocating your compactor with a simple lift, streamlining your workflow and reducing physical strain. This lifting hook not only symbolizes ease of use but also reflects Bartell's commitment to enhancing your work experience with quality and thoughtful design. Embrace the power of efficiency and let this feature elevate your projects to new levels of productivity and ease.


Discover the pinnacle of engineering excellence with the Bartell compactor, meticulously designed to deliver 100% compaction efficiency. Harness a staggering 7871 pounds of compacting force, all powered by a robust Honda engine. This machine isn't just a tool; it's a testament to enduring strength and reliability, promising years of unwavering service. Imagine the empowerment in your hands, as you masterfully shape landscapes and foundations, backed by a machine that echoes the resilience and spirit of the working North American. With Bartell, you're not just working; you're crafting a legacy of precision and durability. Dive into your projects with confidence, knowing you have the power to achieve perfection every time.


Unlock unparalleled efficiency and longevity with the Bartell BR3570 Reversible Plate Compactor. Its hydraulic system for forward and reverse direction sets the standard, offering extreme sensitivity that's unmatched in the market. Built to endure decades, this technology, found across all Bartell reversible models, ensures a one-time investment leads to years of reliable, top-tier performance. Embrace the power and precision that come with this leading-edge compaction technology, and watch as it transforms your projects, bringing ease and excellence to your work. Invest in the best, invest in Bartell, and feel the difference in every job you undertake.


Feel the pride and confidence in using the Bartell BR3570 Reversible Compactor, a masterpiece of North American manufacturing. This isn't just a machine, it's a symbol of exceptional quality and reliability that comes from being crafted on North America soil. Benefit from rapid, responsive service, ensuring your compactor is always at peak performance. This commitment to excellence is more than a feature—it's a promise of enduring strength and efficiency in your hands, empowering you to tackle any project with the might and peace of mind that only North American-made machinery can provide. Trust in Bartell, where quality and service aren't just promises, they're commitments.


Experience unmatched control and efficiency with the Bartell BR3570 Reversible Compactor's hydraulic handle, engineered for effortless maneuvering. This advanced feature allows you to seamlessly switch between forward and reverse directions, enhancing your productivity and precision on the job. Feel the ease as the compactor responds intuitively to your guidance, turning challenging tasks into smooth, efficient operations. This isn't just a tool, it's a partner in your work, designed to make every movement simple and effective. Embrace the power of Bartell's engineering excellence and transform the way you work with a level of ease and efficiency that only a hydraulic handle can provide.


Elevate your safety and convenience with the Bartell BR3570 Reversible Compactor's intuitively designed on and off switch. This essential feature ensures ease of use, allowing you to swiftly start or stop operations with a simple flick. It's not just a switch; it's your peace of mind in emergency situations, providing immediate response to keep you and your worksite safe. Experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have full control over your machine, making your work environment not only more efficient but also significantly safer. Trust in Bartell to blend power with precaution, giving you the confidence to tackle any job with both safety and ease at your fingertips.


Maximize your compaction capabilities with the Bartell BR3570 Reversible Compactor's extension plates, adding an extra 6 inches to the overall width. This ingenious addition expands your reach, allowing you to cover more ground with each pass, enhancing efficiency and productivity. Imagine the ease of tackling larger areas, reducing the number of passes needed, and completing projects faster. These extension plates aren't just add-ons; they're game-changers, making your compactor more versatile and adaptable to various project sizes. Embrace the power of Bartell's innovative design, and experience how these extension plates transform your work, saving you time and effort on every job.


The Bartell BR3570 Compactor is built for medium compaction jobs due to its compaction force abilities and plate size. This plate compactor will help you accomplish larger footprints quickly and effectively.


  • Hydraulic reversing mechanism with flexible maneuverability allows the machine for forward, backward, and spot-on compaction
  • Cast aluminum throttle lever for a more professional, stronger, and durable for tamping
  • New closed style frame for increased engine and guide hook protection
  • Cast aluminum belt cover for increased clutch and engine longevity
  • Ductile iron bases for increased strength and durability
  • Optional extension plates and urethane mat options available


Engine Type Honda GX270
Power Output 8.5hp (6.3kW)
Compaction Force 7871 lbf, 35 kN, 3570 kgf
Max Travel Speed 52'/min (16m/min)
Length 53" (134cm)
Width 18" (45cm)
Height 38" (96cm)
Weight 449 lbs (204kg)
Plate Size 18" x 28" (45cm x 70cm)


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Customer Reviews

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Great Unit

Bought this for our crew and it has met expectation at every turn. Excellent service, fast shipping, quality product.
Well be seeing you guys again soon!

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Bartell BR3570 Forward and Reverse Direction Plate Compactor

Bartell BR3570 Forward and Reverse Direction Plate Compactor

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