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FREE SHIPPING   |    1-844-440-4014   |    LEASING   |   Open: 9-5:30 Monday to Friday
Bartell Mush35 Uniscreed Power Unit
Bartell Mush35 Uniscreed Power Unit
Bartell Mush35 Uniscreed Power Unit
Bartell Mush35 Uniscreed Power Unit
Bartell Mush35 Uniscreed Power Unit
Bartell Mush35 Uniscreed Power Unit
Bartell Mush35 Uniscreed Power Unit
Bartell Mush35 Uniscreed Power Unit
Bartell Mush35 Uniscreed Power Unit
Bartell Mush35 Uniscreed Power Unit
Bartell Mush35 Uniscreed Power Unit
Bartell Mush35 Uniscreed Power Unit
Bartell Mush35 Uniscreed Power Unit
Bartell Mush35 Uniscreed Power Unit

Bartell Mush35 Uniscreed Power Unit

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Step into a legacy of unparalleled reliability with the Bartell Uni Screed, the undisputed leader in concrete equipment for over 75 years. Crafted, assembled, and rigorously tested in the USA, every component is a testament to our commitment to excellence. At the heart of this powerhouse is the renowned Honda GX35 engine – a symbol of trust and innovation. We chose Honda to power our product because, like Bartell, they stand as an industry giant, recognized for their unwavering commitment to quality and performance. Elevate your concrete work with the reliability of Bartell and the cutting-edge power of Honda – where legacy meets innovation, setting the standard in the world of concrete equipment.


Unleash the power of speed and reliability with the Bartell Uni Screed, engineered for exceptional performance on wet concrete surfaces. With its tough American design and unrivaled reliability, the Uni Screed is a game-changer, delivering results up to 6X faster than conventional screeds. Every detail is crafted to endure the challenges of wet concrete, making it the go-to choice for professionals seeking efficiency without compromise. Elevate your concrete projects with the speed and dependability of the Bartell Uni Screed – where tough design meets unmatched performance, setting the pace for the future of concrete work.


Step into a revolutionary era of concrete precision with Bartells's SSD PRO pads – a technological marvel reshaping the operator experience. These shock-dampening pro pads transcend expectations by virtually eradicating vibrations while delivering an impressive 8000+ vibrations per minute. This groundbreaking innovation not only establishes a new benchmark but has earned the attention of every industry leader. Experience the pinnacle of comfort, efficiency, and cutting-edge technology with Bartell, at the forefront of advancements for a smoother, more efficient concrete future.


Bartell Global introduced the extendable and adaptable handle, serving as proof of its commitment to operator comfort. This handle not only minimizes fatigue considerably but, with its fully rotational 360-degree design and extendable features, it revolutionizes operational efficiency, ensuring the ultimate user experience. Additionally, Bartell led the way with the innovation of the engine stop on and off button on the handle, a feature imitated by many but successfully replicated by none.


Embark on a journey through time with Bartell's power screed, where the hole pattern legacy, crafted over 75 years ago, remains as relevant as ever. Our time-tested design ensures compatibility, allowing blades from leading suppliers like HOC to seamlessly integrate. Trust Bartell for a power screed that stands the test of time, offering a hole pattern rooted in history yet ready for the innovations of today and tomorrow.


Experience the unmatched craftsmanship of the Bartell Uni Screed – meticulously handcrafted, piece by piece, in the USA. Every unit is welded with precision and rigorously tested on American soil to ensure the ultimate experience. Our commitment to excellence shines through in every detail, making each Bartell Uni Screed a testament to quality, durability, and the pride we take in delivering products that exceed expectations. Elevate your concrete projects with a screed that embodies the essence of American craftsmanship – where quality meets satisfaction, and precision is our promise. Choose Bartell Uni Screed for a level of excellence that stands the test of time.


In the world of concrete precision, the frequency matters, and with the Bartell Uni Screed, we redefine the game with an impressive 8000 vibrations per minute. This powerful vibration rate is not just a number; it's the heartbeat of efficiency. The high frequency ensures thorough embedding of aggregate, minimizes air voids, and yields a robust, dense slab. When every vibration counts, trust in the durability and reliability of American-made Bartell products to get the job done seamlessly. Elevate your concrete work with the precision and power of 8000 vibrations per minute – where performance meets resilience, and American craftsmanship sets the standard. Choose Bartell Uni Screed for a level of excellence that goes beyond vibrations – it's about getting the job done right, every time.


Introducing the Bartell Power Screed with an invaluable companion - the Kickstand. More than just support, it's a game-changer. Designed with the operator in mind, this feature ensures stability during downtime and facilitates quick adjustments, enhancing the user experience. But it's not just about convenience; the Kickstand plays a crucial role in protecting the machine itself. By providing a stable resting position, it safeguards against unnecessary wear and tear, ensuring prolonged machine life. Elevate your concrete projects with the Bartell Power Screed – where innovation meets practicality, making every job smoother for operators and extending the longevity of your machine. Choose reliability, choose Bartell.

Leave the 2x4 at home where it belongs!

Lightweight and easy to transport, assemble, and operate.


  • North American Made, Assembled and Tested.
  • Specially designed to permit a single operator to quickly and easily level an entire area.
  • Adjustable handle to meet operator needs and more efficient handling.
  • Handle vibration is minimized with our impact absorbing mounting system to optimize control and operator comfort.
  • Superior control is achieved with our responsive handle mounted throttle and on/off switch.
  • High frequency vibration disperses and levels concrete without build-up.
  • Lightweight, easy to transport to and around job sites.
  • Blade design permits cutting and smoothing in a single operation.
  • Interchangeable blades with other leading wet screed units.

Blade Material

  • Industry Grade Rust Resistant T6061 Aluminum.

Distance between Hole Pattern

  • Bartell Mush35 - 9 Inches and fits most manufacturers


    • Handle (fully adjustable) 28lbs (12.7kg)
    • Blades 4’ (1.2m) – 16’ (4.9m)
    • Blade Weight 6.41lbs (2.9kg) – 25.6lbs (11.6kg)
    • Engine 1.3hp, 35cc, recoil start, air cooled, single overhead cam cylinder 
    • Fuel Capacity 0.17 gal (0.65L)
    • Estimated Running Time 1.1hrs @ 7000rpm
    • Weight (dry) 27.9lbs +blade (12.7kg +blade)
    • Weight (operating) 29.6lbs +blade (13.5kg +blade)
    • Sound Power 50 Dba
    • Vibration <9 m/s2


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    To view the specific warranty period applicable to this product, and to delve into the details of your protection, please click the link below.



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    Bartell Mush35 Uniscreed Power Unit

    Bartell Mush35 Uniscreed Power Unit

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