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FREE SHIPPING   |    1-844-440-4014   |    LEASING   |   Open: 9-5:30 Monday to Friday
SPNT1035 - Semi Electric Thin Leg Stacker 1000 kg (2204 lbs) + 138'' Capacity
SPNT1035 - Semi Electric Thin Leg Stacker 1000 kg (2204 lbs) + 138'' Capacity
SPNT1035 - Semi Electric Thin Leg Stacker 1000 kg (2204 lbs) + 138'' Capacity
SPNT1035 - Semi Electric Thin Leg Stacker 1000 kg (2204 lbs) + 138'' Capacity
SPNT1035 - Semi Electric Thin Leg Stacker 1000 kg (2204 lbs) + 138'' Capacity
SPNT1035 - Semi Electric Thin Leg Stacker 1000 kg (2204 lbs) + 138'' Capacity
SPNT1035 - Semi Electric Thin Leg Stacker 1000 kg (2204 lbs) + 138'' Capacity
SPNT1035 - Semi Electric Thin Leg Stacker 1000 kg (2204 lbs) + 138'' Capacity

SPNT1035 - Semi Electric Thin Leg Stacker 1000 kg (2204 lbs) + 138'' Capacity

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Introducing the SPNT1035 Semi Electric Pallet Stacker, a fusion of strength, reliability, and economical design tailored for your material handling needs. Crafted with precision, this stacker is your ideal solution for demanding lifting tasks, offering a blend of power and finesse to elevate your operational efficiency. Its user-friendly design and state-of-the-art technology empower you to navigate your daily workload with unparalleled ease, revolutionizing your approach in workshops, warehouses, and more.

Outstanding Features for Optimal Functionality

  • ENHANCED 1000 KG (2204 LB) LOAD CAPACITY: Experience a new level of lifting prowess with the SPNT1035's impressive load capacity, enabling you to manage heavy loads effortlessly and boost your productivity significantly. This feature transforms challenging tasks into smooth operations, supporting your ambition to excel in your field.
  • 138-INCH LIFTING CAPABILITY: Reach new heights of efficiency with the stacker's substantial lift height, providing the versatility needed to address diverse lifting requirements with precision. Elevate your productivity and harness the ability to achieve success across a range of tasks.
  • REQUIRES 1 CHARGE PER MONTH: Benefit from the convenience of extended battery life, requiring just one charge per month, enhancing your operational continuity and keeping your focus on productivity without frequent interruptions for recharging.
  • POWER PULSE ENDURANCE MAINTENANCE-FREE BATTERY: Dive into an era of efficiency with this advanced battery, designed for longevity and consistent performance, ensuring your operations are seamless and reliable every day.
  • COMPACT 55.25 INCH TURNING RADIUS: Maneuver with ease in tight spaces thanks to the stacker's compact turning radius, optimizing your ability to navigate through challenging areas and enhancing your operational agility.
  • 120V EXTERNAL CHARGER: Maximize your stacker's efficiency with the external charger, providing a convenient solution for maintaining charge without the hassle, ensuring your stacker is ready whenever you are.
  • ANALOGUE BATTERY GAUGE: Keep track of your stacker's battery life with ease using the analogue gauge, offering a straightforward and efficient way to monitor power status and plan your operations accordingly.
  • EFFORTLESS IGNITION: Discover the Effortless Ignition system, enabling easy operation by any team member without the need for keys or special authorization. This simplifies your workflow, reduces setup time, and boosts efficiency, ensuring the stacker is always ready for immediate use.
  • INNOVATIVE FORK CONTROL LEVER: Experience precise and effortless fork adjustments with this innovative lever, streamlining your loading and unloading processes, reducing manual effort, and boosting operational efficiency.
  • EMERGENCY STOP FEATURE: Prioritize safety with the stacker's emergency stop feature, a critical addition to your operational toolkit. This feature ensures immediate response in unexpected situations, providing an extra layer of security for you and your team. With this safety mechanism, you can operate with confidence, knowing you're equipped to handle any situation with the utmost care and efficiency.
  • DESIGNED FOR TIGHT AREA NAVIGATION: Master the art of maneuvering in confined spaces with this stacker, engineered for optimal navigation in tight areas. This design enhances your ability to move effortlessly, reducing the need for additional manpower and enabling you to tackle challenges with agility and precision. Embrace this strategic advantage to streamline your workflow and enhance your operational dexterity.
  • ADAPTABLE ADJUSTABLE FORKS: Experience the versatility of adaptable adjustable forks, designed to cater to a variety of load sizes with precision and ease. This feature empowers you to customize your approach to each task, ensuring efficiency and accuracy. Embrace the flexibility of these forks to streamline your operations and adapt to any challenge with confidence.
  • RAPID LOADING FEATURE: Accelerate your operational tempo with the rapid loading feature, a testament to speed and efficiency. This feature enables you to stay ahead in fast-paced environments, reducing downtime and boosting your productivity. Embrace this enhancement to revolutionize your workflow, ensuring you're always one step ahead in your operations.
  • DURABLE NYLON WHEELS: Experience the robustness of durable nylon wheels, designed for stability and seamless movement. These wheels are crafted to minimize floor damage while optimizing your operational agility, ensuring you can navigate with ease and precision. Embrace the durability and efficiency of these wheels to propel your productivity to new heights.
  • ROBUST PROTECTION CAGE: Enhance your operational safety with the robust protection cage, a feature designed to provide a secure environment for operators. This cage reinforces your commitment to safety, offering peace of mind and a fortified workspace. Trust in this protective feature to maintain a safe and productive environment, allowing you to focus on achieving your operational goals with confidence.
  • BALANCED EFFORTLESS MANEUVERING: Discover the equilibrium of balanced maneuvering with this stacker, engineered for stability and ease of control. This design ensures precise and efficient handling, allowing you to navigate through tasks with grace and agility. Step into a realm where performance and balance converge, enhancing your operational fluency and elevating your productivity.

Technical Specifications for Enhanced Performance

  • LOAD CAPACITY (kg/lbs): 1000 (2204): Equip yourself with the ability to lift substantial weights, enhancing your operational capacity and enabling you to tackle heavy-duty tasks with confidence and efficiency.
  • NET WEIGHT (kg/lbs): 500 (1102): The balanced weight of the stacker ensures stability and ease of maneuverability, providing a solid yet agile tool for your material handling needs.
  • HEIGHT CAPACITY (In/Ft): 138 (11.5): Utilize the impressive height capacity to maximize your space utilization and handling capabilities, expanding your operational scope and efficiency.
  • MAX INNER WIDTH OF LIFTING FORKS (In): 13: Adapt to various load sizes with the stacker's adjustable forks, ensuring flexibility and precision in your lifting tasks.
  • MAX OUTER WIDTH OF LIFTING FORKS (In): 24.75: Benefit from the wide fork span to handle larger and more diverse loads, enhancing the stability and safety of your lifting operations.
  • MIN HEIGHT OF LIFTING FORKS (In): 3.45: Access low-clearance loads with ease, thanks to the minimal fork height, increasing the stacker's versatility and utility across different scenarios.
  • WIDTH OF LIFTING FORKS (In): 6: Ensure stable and secure lifting with the optimal fork width, designed for reliable support and efficient handling of various materials.
  • LENGTH OF LIFTING FORKS (In): 45.50: Leverage the extended fork length to engage with deeper pallets and broader loads, enhancing your reach and operational flexibility.
  • DIMENSIONS (In): 32 x 71 x 92: The stacker's dimensions are engineered for compactness and efficiency, ensuring easy maneuverability and effective performance in diverse environments.

Empower your material handling operations with the SPNT1035 Semi Electric Pallet Stacker, a tool designed for excellence, efficiency, and ease of use, driving your productivity to new heights and reshaping your operational success.


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SPNT1035 Stacker

As advertised. Quick delivery.

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SPNT1035 - Semi Electric Thin Leg Stacker 1000 kg (2204 lbs) + 138'' Capacity

SPNT1035 - Semi Electric Thin Leg Stacker 1000 kg (2204 lbs) + 138'' Capacity