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HD3 Bartell Dust Collector
HD3 Bartell Dust Collector
HD3 Bartell Dust Collector
HD3 Bartell Dust Collector
HD3 Bartell Dust Collector
HD3 Bartell Dust Collector

HD3 Bartell Dust Collector

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Bartell Global HD3 Three-motor HEPA Dust Extractor

The Bartell Global HD3 sets a new standard in dust extraction technology. Its advanced TWO-STAGE FILTERING SYSTEM with a conical main filter and three HEPA filters ensures comprehensive removal of hazardous particulates, achieving up to 99.97% filtration efficiency. Designed with VARIABLE SUCTION STRENGTH AND POWER, the HD3 offers unparalleled flexibility with its three separate motors, each featuring individual switches to tailor suction power for various tasks. The integrated JET-PULSE FILTER CLEANING system enhances productivity by automatically maintaining filter efficiency, making it an essential tool for demanding construction environments.


  • THREE-MOTOR HEPA DUST EXTRACTOR: Equipped with three powerful motors, the HD3 delivers exceptional suction and performance, making it ideal for large-scale and intensive dust extraction applications.
  • HEPA FILTERS: The three HEPA filters ensure high filtration efficiency, capturing at least 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 micrometers, maintaining superior air quality.
  • VARIABLE SUCTION STRENGTH: Three individual motor switches allow for precise adjustment of suction power, enabling tailored performance to meet the specific requirements of different applications.
  • JET-PULSE FILTER CLEANING SYSTEM: Utilizes reverse-air pulses to effectively clear dust buildup on the filters, ensuring continuous high performance and reducing the need for manual maintenance.
  • EASY INLET CLOSURE DOOR: Facilitates convenient cleaning of filters without disconnecting hoses, streamlining operations and reducing downtime.
  • HAND TOOL CONNECTIVITY: Easily connects to hand-operated power tools for efficient extraction of concrete dust during cutting and grinding, improving safety and cleanliness.
  • CONTINUOUS-BAG DISPOSAL SYSTEM: Provides a straightforward and safe method for collecting and disposing of concrete dust, minimizing exposure and maintaining a clean work environment.


  • HD3-110 HEPA Dust Collector - 110V Single Phase: Includes a vacuum floor tool and 25ft hose, perfect for standard power supply setups.
  • HD3 HEPA Dust Collector - 230V Single Phase; c/w 30Amp Distribution Box: Comes with a vacuum floor tool and 25ft hose, suitable for higher power requirements with a 30Amp distribution box.
  • HD3-50 HEPA Dust Collector - 230V Single Phase; c/w 50Amp Distribution Box: Equipped with a vacuum floor tool and 25ft hose, ideal for even more demanding applications with a 50Amp distribution box.


  • VOLTS: 120V, 230V: Available in two voltage options to suit various power needs.
  • INLET: 50mm: Standard inlet size for secure and efficient tool connections.
  • POWER (HP): 3.2 HP, 4.8 HP: Provides robust suction power to handle a range of dust extraction tasks.
  • AMPS: 16, 12: Efficient performance with different power configurations.
  • AIR FLOW (CFM): 288 CFM, 356 CFM: High airflow capacity for superior dust collection efficiency.
  • WATER LIFT (INCHES): 74", 90": Strong lifting power essential for effective dust extraction.
  • PRE-FILTER (F8) >99.5% @1.0um: 48 ft2 (4.5m2): Captures larger particles, protecting the HEPA filters from clogging.
  • HEPA FILTER (H13) >99.99% @0.3um: 39 ft2: Ensures ultimate filtration efficiency for clean, safe air.
  • DIMENSIONS: 31” x 23” x 58”; 78cm x 58cm x 146cm: Compact design for easy handling and storage.
  • WEIGHT: 149lbs, 141lbs (68kg, 64kg): Sturdy yet manageable weight for transport and setup.


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HD3 Bartell Dust Collector

HD3 Bartell Dust Collector