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FREE SHIPPING   |    1-844-440-4014   |    LEASING   |   Open: 9-5:30 Monday to Friday
HOCGST120 4.75 Inch Track Wood Chipper
HOCGST120 4.75 Inch Track Wood Chipper
HOCGST120 4.75 Inch Track Wood Chipper
HOCGST120 4.75 Inch Track Wood Chipper
HOCGST120 4.75 Inch Track Wood Chipper
HOCGST120 4.75 Inch Track Wood Chipper
HOCGST120 4.75 Inch Track Wood Chipper
HOCGST120 4.75 Inch Track Wood Chipper
HOCGST120 4.75 Inch Track Wood Chipper
HOCGST120 4.75 Inch Track Wood Chipper
HOCGST120 4.75 Inch Track Wood Chipper
HOCGST120 4.75 Inch Track Wood Chipper
HOCGST120 4.75 Inch Track Wood Chipper
HOCGST120 4.75 Inch Track Wood Chipper

HOCGST120 4.75 Inch Track Wood Chipper

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  • 6.5 HP B&S CR950 Recoil + 13.5 HP B&S XR13.5 Electric Start
  • 6.5 HP Honda GX200 Recoil + 13.0 HP Honda GX390 Electric Start
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Unlock the potential of your projects with the HOCGST120's remarkable 4.75-inch diameter wood chipping capacity. This industry-leading capability ensures you can handle even the most challenging tasks with ease and efficiency. Imagine the satisfaction of effortlessly chipping through large debris, enhancing your machine’s performance, and elevating your work to new heights. It's not just an upgrade; it's a revolution in how you approach every job, offering unmatched convenience and reliability for the forward-thinking contractor.


Discover the game-changing ease of the self-propelled HOCGST120, and say goodbye to the hassle of attaching your wood chipper to a tractor or towing it around. This innovative unit puts unparalleled ease of use at your fingertips, allowing you to navigate effortlessly across any terrain. Imagine the freedom and flexibility of moving to wherever the job demands without any constraints. It's not just a tool; it's a breakthrough in convenience, designed to make your workday smoother and more productive. Embrace the future of chipping with the HOCGST120 and transform your approach to every task.


Experience unmatched control and versatility with the 5-gear power transmission, featuring 3 forward speeds, 1 neutral, and 1 reverse. This dynamic range empowers you to tackle any job with precision and ease, adapting effortlessly to your needs. Whether you're navigating tight spaces or powering through tasks, this transmission enhances your machine's performance, making every operation smoother and more efficient. It's not just an improvement; it's a leap towards optimizing your workflow, ensuring every move you make is calculated and effective. Embrace the power of choice and elevate your work to the next level.


Experience the unmatched quality and dedication of the HOCGST120, a self-propelled wood chipper with a 4.75-inch capacity, meticulously assembled in North America, piece by piece, by hand. This labor of love ensures each unit meets the highest standards of durability and performance, reflecting the craftsmanship and attention to detail only possible through such personal dedication. Revel in the confidence that comes from using a machine built with passion, designed to effortlessly conquer your toughest jobs. It's not just a tool; it's a masterpiece of engineering, ready to elevate your work with unparalleled precision and reliability.


Customize your power with the HOCGST120 Self Propelled Wood Chipper, offering the option to choose between two mighty engines: the 13.5 HP B&S XR13.5 Electric Start or the 13.0 HP Honda GX390 Electric Start. Tailor your machine to meet the demands of your projects, ensuring you have the right strength to power through up to 4.75 inches in diameter of wood. Each engine option ensures a seamless start and robust performance, enhancing your efficiency and productivity. Feel empowered knowing you can select the engine that best fits your work style, making every job smoother and more enjoyable. It's not just a choice; it's your pathway to optimized performance and satisfaction.


Empower your journey over the roughest terrains with the choice between a 6.5 HP B&S CR950 Recoil or a 6.5 HP Honda GX200 Recoil to drive your unit. These engines are specifically designed to propel your equipment over the toughest, muddiest, and most uneven grounds imaginable. With such power at your disposal, you'll navigate with ease, ensuring your work continues smoothly, no matter the conditions underfoot. This choice isn't just about selecting an engine; it's about equipping yourself to face and conquer the challenges of any job site with confidence and reliability. Gear up for unparalleled performance that keeps you moving forward, even when the going gets tough.


Elevate your chipping performance with the HOCGST120's cutting-edge technology: a double-edged, reversible 2-blade system on a super high-velocity rotating drum, complemented by 1 anvil blade. This advanced design ensures efficient processing of wood up to 4.75 inches in diameter, setting a new standard in the industry. Enjoy the benefits of durability and longevity, with the convenience of reversible blades that double the lifespan of your cutting edges. This isn't just a feature; it's a revolution in how you handle wood chipping tasks, guaranteeing smoother, faster, and more reliable results every time. Step up to the HOCGST120 and transform your work with the power of innovation at your fingertips.


Transform your chipping experience with the HOCGST120 Self Propelled Wood Chipper, equipped with a revolutionary 360-degree discharge chute capable of propelling wood chips up to 20 feet away. This exceptional feature, combined with an angle adjuster, offers unparalleled versatility, allowing you to chip high or low based on your specific needs. Such adaptability ensures you can maintain a clean and organized work environment, directing debris precisely where you want it, whether you're clearing low grounds or targeting elevated areas. This isn't just a functional enhancement; it's a leap forward in efficiency and convenience, designed to meet the demands of any project with precision and ease. The HOCGST120 is more than a tool; it's your partner in achieving peak productivity and cleanliness on the job.


Elevate your operational control with the HOCGST120 Self Propelled 4.75 Inch Wood Chipper, featuring a sophisticated clutch for gear engagement. This essential feature ensures smooth transitions between speeds, allowing you to adjust your pace effortlessly to match the demands of each task. The precision of the clutch mechanism enhances the machine's efficiency and durability, providing a seamless experience that maximizes your productivity. With this advanced control at your fingertips, you'll tackle jobs with increased confidence and finesse, knowing you have the power to navigate through your work with unparalleled ease. It's not just a functional upgrade; it's a strategic advantage, making the HOCGST120 a must-have for any contractor seeking to optimize their workday.


Streamline your operation with the HOCGST120 Self Propelled 4.75 Inch Wood Chipper, featuring an intuitive On and Off switch coupled with precise throttle control. This combination offers you unparalleled ease of use and mastery over your machine's power and speed. Start and stop your wood chipper with a simple flick, and adjust the throttle to match the exact pace and intensity your job requires. This level of control not only enhances your efficiency but also significantly improves safety, giving you the confidence to tackle any project. Embrace the convenience and command of these features, designed to make your work smoother, safer, and more satisfying. The HOCGST120 isn't just a tool; it's the key to unlocking your potential on every job.


Elevate your work with the HOCGST120 Self Propelled 4.75 Inch Wood Chipper, now featuring premium, maintenance-free tracks. These tracks are crafted from the highest quality materials and are equipped with sealed bearings, eliminating the need for maintenance. This innovation means you can focus more on getting the job done efficiently and spending less time on upkeep. With these durable tracks, navigate any terrain with ease, confidence, and reliability. It's not just about saving time; it's about enhancing your work experience, allowing you to tackle projects with unparalleled smoothness and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done. The HOCGST120 brings you the freedom to work harder and play harder, without the hassle.


Keep your wood chipper in peak condition with the convenience of a drum grease fitting, a crucial feature designed to ensure your machine runs smoothly and lasts longer. This simple yet effective maintenance point allows for easy lubrication of the drum bearings, protecting them from wear and tear and enhancing the overall efficiency of your wood chipper. Regular greasing via the fitting not only prolongs the lifespan of your equipment but also ensures consistent performance, even under the toughest conditions. It's a small step in your routine that makes a big difference in your machine's reliability and your peace of mind, letting you focus on what you do best. With this feature, maintaining your wood chipper becomes less of a chore and more of a quick, satisfying check on your to-do list, giving you more time to enjoy the results of your hard work.


Enhance your machine's responsiveness and safety with adjustable brake tension cables, a key feature designed to give you optimal control over your equipment's stopping power. This adjustability ensures that you can fine-tune the brake tension to match your specific needs and preferences, providing a customized feel that boosts confidence and precision in handling. Whether navigating through tough terrains or managing tasks that require delicate maneuvering, the ability to adjust brake tension improves the overall performance and safety of your machine. It's not just about making adjustments; it's about tailoring your equipment to work in perfect harmony with your work style, ensuring smoother operation and peace of mind on every job. With this feature, you're in command, ready to tackle any challenge with ease and efficiency.


Elevate your safety and efficiency with the innovative hopper design featuring a polycarbonate baffle, a crucial enhancement aimed at preventing the risk of blowback. This cutting-edge feature ensures that while you're chipping wood, the debris and chips are directed away from you, minimizing the potential for accidents and ensuring a safer work environment. The use of polycarbonate not only offers durability and resistance to impact but also provides clarity, allowing you to monitor the chipping process without exposing yourself to harm. This thoughtful integration into the hopper design enhances your machine's functionality, ensuring that you can work confidently and comfortably, knowing that your well-being is safeguarded. It's more than just a feature; it's a commitment to your safety, allowing you to focus on the task at hand with peace of mind.


The emergency stop button on a self-propelled wood chipper is a vital safety feature that eliminates a multitude of risks, ensuring the protection of operators and bystanders alike. Here are several key risks that this feature helps mitigate:

  • Immediate Threat to Operator Safety
  • Accidental Damage
  • Fire Risk
  • Runaway Machine
  • Debris Hazards
  • Operator Health Emergencies
  • Prevention of Further Equipment Malfunction

Introducing the HOCGST120 Commercial Track Wood Chipper

Your next-level solution to transforming landscaping challenges into a breeze. With its robust design and innovative features, this machine is a game-changer for contractors, homeowners, and anyone eager to streamline their garden cleaning tasks while being ecologically mindful.

Why the HOCGST120 is a Must-Have:

Imagine reducing your workload significantly while accelerating your path to earning more. The HOCGST120 does exactly that by efficiently turning branches up to 4.75 inches in diameter into 1/4-inch wood chips, making it an invaluable tool for large-scale landscaping projects and garden maintenance. The dual-engine setup, featuring your choice of a 6.5 HP B&S CR950 Recoil Drive Engine and a Powerful 13.5 HP XC13.5 Electric Start Wood Chipper Engine or 6.5 HP Honda GX200 Recoil Drive Engine And A Powerful 13.0 HP Honda GX390 Engine Electric Start Wood Chipper Engine, delivers unmatched performance and reliability.

Enhanced Features for Maximum Efficiency:

  • Self Propulsion: This capability greatly reduces physical strain and enhances productivity, enabling seamless operation even in challenging job site conditions.
  • Quality Engine Options With Electric Start: High-performance engines ensure reliable and consistent operation, minimizing downtime and maximizing output for every project.
  • 4.75 Inch Chipping Capacity: The 4.75-inch chipping capacity of this wood chipper represents a significant advantage for contractors, allowing for the efficient processing of thick branches and debris.
  • 360 Degree Discharge Chute With Angle Adjustment: This feature allows for precise and efficient distribution of wood chips in any direction 20+ feet away.
  • Drum Grease Fittings: This vital maintenance feature extends the life of the machine, reduces wear and tear, and maintains peak performance, contributing to overall cost-effectiveness and reliability on the job site.
  • Hardened Steel North American Double Edged Cutting Blades: These blades ensure consistent, high-quality chipping, capable of handling heavy-duty tasks effortlessly.
  • Centrifugal Belt Clutch: This innovation protects the engines and facilitates an easier start, reducing wear and tear and ensuring longevity.
  • Emergency Stop: This feature provides an instant shutdown mechanism to prevent accidents and ensure operator protection.
  • Eco-friendly Design: By efficiently processing wood debris, this chipper supports environmental responsibility, turning waste into useful mulch or wood chips.

Added Value for Your Investment:

The HOCGST120 comes fully equipped with a headset, glasses, a tool kit, and 2 additional belts, ensuring you're prepared for any task from the get-go. These inclusions not only enhance safety and convenience but also represent significant savings in accessories.

Specifications That Speak to Quality:

With a chipping capacity of 8-9 CBM/hour and a maximum chipping diameter of 4.75 inches x 11 inches, this machine is built to handle demanding workloads. The dimensions and weight of the chipper are a testament to its sturdy construction and stability during operation.

Embrace the Change:

Switching to the HOCGST120 Commercial Track Wood Chipper means embracing efficiency, reliability, and environmental responsibility. It's not just about getting the job done; it's about elevating your work quality, reducing your physical strain, and speeding up your operational efficiency, allowing you to take on more projects and boost your income.

Transform your approach to garden and landscape maintenance with the HOCGST120. Experience the power, convenience, and ecological benefits packed into one machine, and let it redefine what you can achieve. Make the smart choice today for a more productive tomorrow.


  • Model No: HOCGST120 Wood Chipper
  • Engine Brand: B&S Gas Engines or Honda Gas Engines
  • Drive Engine: 6.5 HP B&S CR950 Recoil or 6.5 HP Honda GX200 Recoil
  • Wood Chipper Engine: 13.5 HP B&S XR13.5 Electric Start or 13.0 HP Honda GX390 Electric Start
  • Chipping capacity: 8-9 CBM/hour
  • Transmission: 3F+1N+1R
  • Max. Chipping diameter: 4.75 Inch
  • Blade size: 11.81 x 2.17 Inch / 1.38 Inch x .25 Inch, 2 pieces
  • Roller Max: RPM: 2400-2700rpm
  • Overall L x H x W: 70.87 x 45.28 x 31.5 Inch
  • Overall Weight: 390 kg / 859.8 lb


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HOCGST120 4.75 Inch Track Wood Chipper

HOCGST120 4.75 Inch Track Wood Chipper