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FREE SHIPPING   |    1-844-440-4014   |    LEASING   |   Open: 9-5:30 Monday to Friday
Husqvarna P525DX With Cabin Zero-Turn Mower 25 HP Kubota D1105 Kanzaki KTM23
Husqvarna P525DX With Cabin Zero-Turn Mower 25 HP Kubota D1105 Kanzaki KTM23
Husqvarna P525DX With Cabin Zero-Turn Mower 25 HP Kubota D1105 Kanzaki KTM23
Husqvarna P525DX With Cabin Zero-Turn Mower 25 HP Kubota D1105 Kanzaki KTM23

Husqvarna P525DX With Cabin Zero-Turn Mower 25 HP Kubota D1105 Kanzaki KTM23

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A high-capacity diesel-powered front mower with factory assembled cabin, offering unbeatable manoeuvrability and productivity in complex and narrow environments as well as in larger-sized areas all year round. The commercial graded transmission gives uncompromised traction and slope stability. The machine's compact size and high transport speed make it suitable both for stationary and mobile applications for municipalities, contractors, housing agencies etc. Thanks to the front-mounted cutting deck the operator has a perfect overview of the working area. This means optimised trimming ability as well as accessibility under benches, bushes etc. Long-life components for solid durability and less downtime. Attachments such as a utility bucket, broom, folding plough and cabin give increased productivity all year round. Husqvarna P 525D is delivered deckless and can be fitted with 132 and 155 cm Combi cutting decks. The cabin is anti vibrated from the chassis, resulting in significantly lowered vibration and noise. The spacious cabin offers doors of glass, a front window up on the roof and a high specified Grammer seat, altogether increasing driver's comfort all year round. Fully equipped with a hydraulic kit, LED work lights, road lights, counterweight, heater, beacon light etc. The cabin is easily removed from the chassis, in case the cabin is not needed during summertime. ROPS structure is integrated into the cabin.


  • Unique articulated steering
  • All-Wheel-Drive (AWD)
  • Commercial graded transmission
  • Compact design
  • Versatile usage
  • Trimming ability
  • Shaft PTO
  • Quick coupling
  • Kubota diesel engine
  • Ergonomic operation
  • Hydraulic power steering
  • Mowing accessibility
  • Easy-access controls
  • Easy access
  • Greasable mandrels
  • Off-set cutting deck
  • Service position
  • Durable ladder frame
  • Cast iron rear wagon
  • Heavy-duty deck design
  • Four large wheels
  • Ready for Combi deck



P 525DX with cabin

Art no: 967 98 54‑01

Power/fuel type Diesel
Net power at preset rpm Energy 17.8 kW
Motor/engine manufacturer Kubota
Engine name D1105
Cylinder displacement 1,123 cm³
Cylinders 3
Engine cooling Liquid
Engine lubrication type Pressure with Oilfilter
Oil filter Yes

Exhaust emissions (CO2 EU V)

1,018 g/kWh
Battery capacity 62 Ah
Battery type Lead-Acid
Battery pack weight 14 kg
Battery manufacturer Exide
Cutting deck  
Uncut circle 58 cm
Cutting width, min 132 cm
Cutting width, max 155 cm
Cutting height min 30 mm
Cutting height max 112 mm
Blade engagement Electric clutch
Tyre dimensions, front 20x10-10
Tyre dimensions, rear 20x10-10
Wheelbase 106 cm
Ground clearance 140 mm
Base machine, length 226.9 cm
Base machine, width 115.3 cm
Base machine, height 200.8 cm

Gross weight towed

100 kg
Weight (excl. cutting equipment) 918 kg
Drive system  
PTO (Power Take Off) Shaft drive
Transmission type Hydrostatic
Transmission manufacturer, rear Kanzaki
Drive method Dual pedal-operation
Speed forward max 19 km/h
Speed reverse max 9.3 mph
Speed reverse max 15 km/h
Transmission manufacturer, front Kanzaki
Transmission model, front KTM 23LC
Transmission model, rear KTM 23SC
Seat suspension Yes
Seat type Full suspension, arm rests
Hour meter type Digital
Seat material Vinyl
Seat back height High
Foldable seat Yes
Steering wheel type Professional
Parking brake, type Disc


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Husqvarna P525DX With Cabin Zero-Turn Mower 25 HP Kubota D1105 Kanzaki KTM23

Husqvarna P525DX With Cabin Zero-Turn Mower 25 HP Kubota D1105 Kanzaki KTM23