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FREE SHIPPING   |    1-844-440-4014   |    LEASING   |   Open: 9-5:30 Monday to Friday
HOCKTDM500C Honda 9 HP Hydraulic Tip Track Dumper 500 kg (1102 lb) Load Capacity
HOCKTDM500C Honda 9 HP Hydraulic Tip Track Dumper 500 kg (1102 lb) Load Capacity
HOCKTDM500C Honda 9 HP Hydraulic Tip Track Dumper 500 kg (1102 lb) Load Capacity
HOCKTDM500C Honda 9 HP Hydraulic Tip Track Dumper 500 kg (1102 lb) Load Capacity
HOCKTDM500C Honda 9 HP Hydraulic Tip Track Dumper 500 kg (1102 lb) Load Capacity
HOCKTDM500C Honda 9 HP Hydraulic Tip Track Dumper 500 kg (1102 lb) Load Capacity
HOCKTDM500C Honda 9 HP Hydraulic Tip Track Dumper 500 kg (1102 lb) Load Capacity
HOCKTDM500C Honda 9 HP Hydraulic Tip Track Dumper 500 kg (1102 lb) Load Capacity
HOCKTDM500C Honda 9 HP Hydraulic Tip Track Dumper 500 kg (1102 lb) Load Capacity
HOCKTDM500C Honda 9 HP Hydraulic Tip Track Dumper 500 kg (1102 lb) Load Capacity
HOCKTDM500C Honda 9 HP Hydraulic Tip Track Dumper 500 kg (1102 lb) Load Capacity
HOCKTDM500C Honda 9 HP Hydraulic Tip Track Dumper 500 kg (1102 lb) Load Capacity
HOCKTDM500C Honda 9 HP Hydraulic Tip Track Dumper 500 kg (1102 lb) Load Capacity
HOCKTDM500C Honda 9 HP Hydraulic Tip Track Dumper 500 kg (1102 lb) Load Capacity
HOCKTDM500C Honda 9 HP Hydraulic Tip Track Dumper 500 kg (1102 lb) Load Capacity
HOCKTDM500C Honda 9 HP Hydraulic Tip Track Dumper 500 kg (1102 lb) Load Capacity
HOCKTDM500C Honda 9 HP Hydraulic Tip Track Dumper 500 kg (1102 lb) Load Capacity

HOCKTDM500C Honda 9 HP Hydraulic Tip Track Dumper 500 kg (1102 lb) Load Capacity

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Discover the power and efficiency that the HONDA GX270 9.0 HP EPA Engine brings to the HOCKTDM500C Hydraulic Tip Track Dumper! With a robust 500 kg (1102 lb) load capacity, this engine ensures your projects progress smoothly and swiftly. Imagine effortlessly moving heavy materials across any terrain, enhancing your productivity and reducing downtime. This reliable engine, designed with contractors in mind, promises enhanced performance and durability for your machine, making every task feel lighter and more manageable.


Elevate your operational efficiency with the Hydraulic Tipping feature, complemented by an Easy Access Hydraulic Reservoir, designed for seamless maintenance and top-notch performance. This powerful combination ensures not only the effortless unloading of heavy materials but also simplifies the upkeep of your machine, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. Enjoy the convenience of quick hydraulic fluid checks and changes, keeping your equipment in prime condition to tackle any task. This feature is a testament to innovation, designed to keep your projects moving smoothly and efficiently, ensuring you stay ahead in every job.


Unleash the power of the KTDM500C Honda Hydraulic Tipping Track Dumper, your ultimate ally in transporting and unloading heavy materials with ease. With a formidable 500 kg (1102 lb) max load capacity and a spacious 10.0 cubic feet volume, this machine is engineered to boost your productivity. The hydraulic tipping mechanism ensures that you can quickly and efficiently unload materials, reducing manual labor and increasing your work pace. Whether you're moving soil, concrete or other construction materials, this track dumper is designed to handle challenging tasks effortlessly, enabling you to focus on delivering exceptional results with each project.


Experience unparalleled strength and reliability with the cutting-edge Hydraulic Pump and Chrome Cylinder feature, specifically engineered to enhance your machine's performance. This dynamic duo offers robust power for your hydraulic system, ensuring smooth and efficient operation under heavy loads. The chrome cylinder, known for its durability and resistance to wear, ensures a longer lifespan and consistent performance, even in the toughest working conditions. Elevate your productivity with this superior hydraulic innovation, designed to deliver exceptional power and durability, ensuring your projects are completed with precision and ease.


Experience the transformative power of Shift to Excellence with the HOCKTDM500C Honda 9 HP Hydraulic Tipping Track Dumper. Equipped with a 5-gear transmission, this machine offers unparalleled control, allowing you to navigate through the most challenging terrains with ease. Imagine the precision and flexibility at your fingertips, as you effortlessly adjust to the demands of any job site. This advanced transmission system not only boosts your efficiency but also elevates the performance of the dumper, making every task smoother and faster.


Discover a new benchmark in dependability with Reliability Redefined, featuring premium North American-made tracks designed to empower your machinery. These robust tracks are engineered to endure the toughest conditions, providing you with unwavering stability and grip on any terrain. Embrace the peace of mind that comes from superior quality, knowing that your equipment is equipped to tackle the most demanding tasks effortlessly. Feel the difference as these tracks enhance your machine's durability, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.


Introducing Effortless Upkeep with our maintenance-free sealed bearings, a game-changer for your machinery. Imagine the time and energy you'll save with bearings that require no regular maintenance, freeing you from the hassle of constant check-ups and repairs. These sealed bearings are designed to last, offering unparalleled durability and reliability that keeps your equipment running smoothly. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your machine's key components are protected against dirt, dust, and debris, ensuring optimal performance and a longer lifespan. With these maintenance-free sealed bearings, you're not just investing in a component; you're investing in the future of your work, enhancing efficiency and productivity on every level.


Elevate your work with Seamless Operation, featuring an integrated On/Off switch with precision throttle control. This innovative feature transforms your machine into an extension of your will, offering meticulous command over its power and speed. The ease of toggling your equipment on and off, paired with the finesse of throttle control, ensures a fluid, responsive experience. Tailor your machine's output to the task at hand with unparalleled accuracy, optimizing efficiency and reducing waste. This integration not only simplifies your workflow but also enhances the machine's responsiveness, allowing for a smoother, more intuitive interaction that aligns perfectly with your demands.


Unlock the full potential of your machinery with Customized Control, featuring adjustable clutch engagement for optimal performance. This tailored approach allows you to fine-tune how and when the clutch engages, aligning perfectly with your specific work requirements and conditions. Whether you need a gentle start for delicate operations or a robust engagement for heavy-duty tasks, this feature puts you in command. The ability to adjust the clutch engagement not only enhances the machine's versatility but also improves its efficiency, reducing wear and tear on components. Enjoy the precision that comes with customized settings, ensuring your machine operates at its peak, adapting seamlessly to your unique workflow and maximizing your productivity.


Step into a realm of unmatched precision with Tailored Performance, featuring adjustable brake tension for enhanced control. This cutting-edge feature allows you to fine-tune your machine's braking response to match your specific needs, providing a personalized experience that elevates your control and accuracy. Whether navigating through tight spaces or managing heavy loads, the ability to adjust brake tension ensures your machine responds exactly as you need it to, offering a smoother, more controlled operation. This customization not only improves your handling but also increases the machine's safety, giving you the confidence to tackle any task with ease. Experience the difference that tailored brake tension can make, optimizing your machine's performance for every project.


Enhanced Safety and Efficiency is at the core of our advanced operation features, ensuring your well-being and the machine's enduring performance. For optimal safety and machinery preservation, it's crucial to operate maximum loads in low speed. This careful approach not only extends the life of your machine but also significantly reduces the risk of accidents, safeguarding the operator. Furthermore, when transporting valuable cargo, like expensive paver stones, this method ensures their protection against damage. By optimizing gear usage based on load size, you not only enhance the machine's longevity but also uphold the highest safety standards, ensuring both you and your cargo are secure.


Experience the confidence that comes with HOC's Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI), where meticulous attention to detail ensures unmatched quality and reliability. Each unit is hand-assembled piece by piece, undergoing rigorous testing including compression, load, and hydraulic mechanism evaluations to certify its performance. HOC then secures your machine in an almost indestructible wooden crate. This meticulous process ensures that your product arrives in pristine condition, ready to perform without a hitch, reflecting our commitment to excellence and your peace of mind.

Introducing the HOC KTDM500C Tracked Standard Dumper: A Compact Powerhouse for Your Construction Needs

The HOC KTDM500C Tracked Standard Dumper is not just a machine; it's a solution designed to revolutionize the way you handle material transportation on your job site. Whether you're in building construction or landscaping, this dumper is engineered to enhance efficiency, accessibility, and convenience, turning every task into a seamless operation.

Features & Benefits

  • HONDA GX270 9.0 HP ENGINE: Experience unmatched reliability and performance with the Honda GX270 9.0 hp engine. This power unit ensures consistent operation with minimal downtime, allowing you to complete your projects faster and more efficiently. Its robust nature means it can handle the toughest of tasks without faltering, ensuring your job proceeds smoothly.
  • VOLUME: 10 FT3: The 10 cubic feet volume capacity allows you to transport substantial quantities of materials, reducing the number of trips needed and significantly enhancing your productivity on-site. This feature is particularly beneficial in time-sensitive projects where efficiency is key.
  • HYDRAULIC TIPPING BUCKET With the hydraulic tipping bucket, unloading becomes a breeze. This feature eliminates the need for manual unloading, reducing labor intensity and enhancing safety. It's ideal for quickly and effortlessly disposing of materials at the desired location.
  • TRAVEL SPEED & LOAD CAPACITY Boasting a travel speed of 0-4 km per hour and a load capacity of 500 kg (1102 lb), this dumper combines mobility with strength. It ensures timely material transport without sacrificing the ability to carry substantial loads, optimizing your workflow and productivity.
  • COMPACT DESIGN WITH POWERFUL PERFORMANCE Don't let the compact size fool you. This machine packs enough power to tackle big jobs, proving that great things come in small packages. Its design enables it to work efficiently in confined spaces, delivering performance that rivals larger machines.
  • NARROW ACCESS CAPABILITY The ability to access narrow areas means no place is off-limits. Whether it's navigating through standard doorways or tight corridors, this dumper ensures that your materials can be transported directly to where they're needed most, enhancing job site logistics and efficiency.
  • VERSATILITY Outperforming traditional gas-powered wheelbarrows, this dumper offers greater versatility, allowing for a variety of applications. Its adaptability makes it an invaluable asset in diverse working environments, ensuring it can meet the demands of any job site.
  • ASSEMBLED IN NORTH AMERICA FOR UNMATCHED QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE Take pride in a machine that's meticulously assembled piece by piece in North America, a testament to superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. This localized assembly process not only guarantees exceptional product quality but also ensures peak performance tailored to North American standards. When you choose the HOC KTDM500C Tracked Standard Dumper, you're investing in a product where every component is scrutinized for quality, ensuring a reliable and durable machine that stands the test of time. Experience the confidence and peace of mind that comes with a machine built on the foundations of North American excellence.

Specifications & Benefits

  • ENGINE: HONDA GX270 9.0 HP
  • LOADING CAPACITY: 500 KG (1102 LB): The high loading capacity of the HOC KTDM500C Tracked Standard Dumper is engineered to move more material per trip, significantly boosting efficiency and trimming down project timelines. 
  • NET WEIGHT: 245 KG (540 LB)
  • GROSS WEIGHT: 275 KG (606 LB)
  • TRANSMISSION: GEARS: The gear-based transmission facilitates seamless operation and enhanced control of the machine, offering a dependable and effective method for transporting materials over diverse terrains. To maintain the transmission's longevity, it is essential to operate the machine at low speeds when handling maximum loads. Adopting this careful handling practice prolongs the machine's lifespan, ensures its enduring durability, and maintains reliable performance under the stress of heavy loads, establishing it as an essential tool for your construction projects.
  • WALK BEHIND OR SEATED: WALK BEHIND: The walk-behind design offers the operator complete control and maneuverability, allowing for precise navigation in tight spaces and ensuring materials are transported accurately and safely.
  • FUEL: UNLEADED: Utilizing unleaded fuel offers the advantages of simpler fuel procurement and cleaner operations, leading to a more eco-friendly job site and a cleaner carburetor, enhancing the machine's performance and maintenance
  • DIMENSIONS (L×W×H): 67 X 28.75 X 42 INCH: The compact packing dimensions ensure easy transportation and storage of the dumper, making it a convenient choice for various job sites and storage situations.

The HOCKTDM500C Tracked Standard Dumper is your go-to solution for efficient, reliable, and versatile job site material handling. Experience the difference in productivity and ease of operation with this compact yet powerful machine.


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At HOC, we meticulously select our dealers from a pool of globally renowned entities, ensuring that we offer only the best to you. Our commitment to excellence is further reflected in our offering of the most Comprehensive Warranty Periods among equipment dealers across North America.

This approach allows you to make your selection with a sense of confidence and assurance, knowing well that your purchase is under the protection of a warranty that's as steadfast and dependable as the product itself. We invite you to experience the peace of mind and trust that come with choosing HOC, where your satisfaction and security are our topmost priorities.

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Absolute beast for the price. Exactly what we were looking for. From Sales to service to the freight department. All knowledgeable and willing to assist.

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HOCKTDM500C Honda 9 HP Hydraulic Tip Track Dumper 500 kg (1102 lb) Load Capacity

HOCKTDM500C Honda 9 HP Hydraulic Tip Track Dumper 500 kg (1102 lb) Load Capacity