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FREE SHIPPING   |    1-844-440-4014   |    LEASING   |   Open: 9-5:30 Monday to Friday
Bartell Predator P550Y Innovatech Planetary Concrete Grinder
Bartell Predator P550Y Innovatech Planetary Concrete Grinder
Bartell Predator P550Y Innovatech Planetary Concrete Grinder
Bartell Predator P550Y Innovatech Planetary Concrete Grinder
Bartell Predator P550Y Innovatech Planetary Concrete Grinder
Bartell Predator P550Y Innovatech Planetary Concrete Grinder
Bartell Predator P550Y Innovatech Planetary Concrete Grinder
Bartell Predator P550Y Innovatech Planetary Concrete Grinder
Bartell Predator P550Y Innovatech Planetary Concrete Grinder
Bartell Predator P550Y Innovatech Planetary Concrete Grinder
Bartell Predator P550Y Innovatech Planetary Concrete Grinder
Bartell Predator P550Y Innovatech Planetary Concrete Grinder
Bartell Predator P550Y Innovatech Planetary Concrete Grinder
Bartell Predator P550Y Innovatech Planetary Concrete Grinder
Bartell Predator P550Y Innovatech Planetary Concrete Grinder
Bartell Predator P550Y Innovatech Planetary Concrete Grinder
Bartell Predator P550Y Innovatech Planetary Concrete Grinder
Bartell Predator P550Y Innovatech Planetary Concrete Grinder
Bartell Predator P550Y Innovatech Planetary Concrete Grinder
Bartell Predator P550Y Innovatech Planetary Concrete Grinder

Bartell Predator P550Y Innovatech Planetary Concrete Grinder

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Transform your concrete grinding with the 21.7-inch grinding head, designed for the Bartell Predator P550Y. This massive head delivers unmatched coverage and efficiency, allowing you to cover more ground with fewer passes. Feel the power as you effortlessly achieve a pristine, smooth surface on large areas, cutting down on labor time. Its precision ensures every inch is flawlessly refined, turning a daunting task into a seamless, satisfying experience. Elevate your grinding game and conquer your projects with ease and precision!


Step into a new realm of control with the precision-balanced 3-head planetary design of the Bartell Predator P550Y. The planetary drum rotates opposite the plates, delivering a harmonious, counter-rotating motion that eliminates swirl marks and ensures a perfectly smooth finish. Experience the magic of consistent, effortless grinding across diverse surfaces. This innovative feature ensures unparalleled balance and precision, transforming every project into a flawless masterpiece with minimal effort. Your work, redefined—one polished surface at a time.


Harness the relentless power of gear-driven grinding with the Bartell Predator P550Y. This advanced system bites deeper with less chance of slipping, delivering unmatched torque and control. Variable speed control lets you fine-tune the power to your needs, offering smooth transitions and perfect finishes across different materials. Feel the surge of efficiency and precision as you tailor your approach, transforming every grinding task into a seamless, precise operation. Redefine what’s possible in surface preparation!


Unlock unmatched versatility with forward/reverse grinding on the Bartell Predator P550Y. This dynamic feature lets you switch grinding directions effortlessly, ensuring complete control over your workflow. Tackle stubborn areas with ease and finesse, knowing you can reverse direction to smooth out every inch. Whether you're refining edges or navigating tough spots, this innovation enhances maneuverability and precision, making your grinding process smoother and more effective. Experience the ultimate in adaptability and precision on every project.


Experience the unwavering strength of the Bartell Predator P550Y’s heavy-duty steel frame. Built to endure the toughest conditions, this robust structure offers exceptional durability and stability, ensuring your machine withstands the rigors of demanding job sites. Feel the confidence of a machine that’s as tough as your projects, delivering reliable performance and longevity. With this solid foundation, tackle your most challenging tasks knowing your grinder is built to last, job after job.


Achieve optimal comfort and control with the easy height adjustment handle on the Bartell Predator P550Y. Effortlessly modify the handle to your preferred height, ensuring ergonomic operation tailored to your needs. Say goodbye to strain and fatigue, and enjoy extended work sessions with enhanced comfort and precision. This feature adapts seamlessly to you, offering a customized experience that lets you focus on delivering impeccable results. Your perfect fit, every time.


Unlock the power of choice with Bartell Predator P550Y's versatile assortment of magnetic tooling. Whether grinding or polishing, the convenient Slide MAG or standard 3-hole-bolted tooling plates fit seamlessly. Compatible with EDCO and Lavina grinders and crafted by Bartell Global, this system adapts perfectly to any job. Transition effortlessly from low-to-medium speed grinding to fast polishing for impeccable results. Plus, House of Contractors will reach out post-purchase to confirm the ideal tooling for your needs, ensuring you get the perfect match.


Elevate your grinding and polishing with the Bartell Predator P550Y’s integrated water tank. This built-in feature allows for consistent dust control and superior surface finish, ensuring smoother, cleaner operations. Say goodbye to airborne dust and hello to a polished, professional outcome every time. The convenient, onboard water supply enhances efficiency and cleanliness, keeping your workspace tidy and your results pristine. Experience the blend of convenience and performance with every pass.


Transform your workspace with the Bartell Predator P550Y’s bright LED work light. This built-in feature casts powerful illumination on your project, ensuring you never miss a detail, even in low-light conditions. Enhance your accuracy and visibility, allowing you to work with precision and confidence regardless of the environment. With a bright, clear view of your grinding or polishing area, you’re equipped to deliver flawless results day or night. Light up your work and elevate your craftsmanship!


Boost your grinding and polishing efficiency with the Bartell Predator P550Y’s additional 77 lbs (35 kg) weight. This feature enhances downward pressure, improving cutting performance and enabling deeper, more effective material removal. Conquer stubborn surfaces and achieve a smoother finish faster, all while maintaining optimal control. Experience the perfect blend of power and precision, transforming challenging tasks into seamless, efficient operations. Embrace the extra weight for superior results on every project.


Achieve immaculate results with the Bartell Predator P550Y’s adjustable dust skirt. This feature provides superior dust control, adapting to various surfaces for a clean, clear workspace. Minimize airborne particles, enhancing visibility and safety while delivering a polished finish. Whether working indoors or out, the dust skirt ensures efficient debris management, making every pass smoother and more effective. Enjoy the clarity and cleanliness that comes with exceptional dust control, elevating your grinding and polishing tasks.


Elevate your grinding experience with the Bartell HD2 Dust Collector, expertly recommended for seamless integration with the Bartell Predator P550Y Floor Grinder. This powerful dust collector ensures efficient debris management, keeping your workspace pristine and improving air quality. Designed to complement the P550Y, it captures fine dust particles effortlessly, enhancing visibility and ensuring a cleaner finish. Enjoy a smoother, safer, and more effective grinding process by adding the HD2 Dust Collector to your toolkit. House of Contractors will contact you after your purchase to see if you would like to add this to your order!


Predator Grinders are manufactured with some of the highest standards in the industry, making them extremely reliable, productive, balanced, and easy to use for any operator. Designed to pair with the HD HEPA-filter Dust Extraction system for unbeatable dust control, ensuring your job site stays safe and compliant.


  • 22 INCH DIAMETER (550 MM): Provides a large grinding surface for efficient job completion.
  • PRECISION BALANCED 3-HEAD PLANETARY DESIGN: Ensures uniform grinding and polishing, delivering professional-quality results.
  • HEAVY-DUTY STEEL FRAME: Offers exceptional durability and long-lasting performance, even in demanding job site conditions.
  • EASY HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT HANDLE: Allows for quick and comfortable adjustments, enhancing operator comfort and control.
  • ASSORTMENT OF TOOLING AVAILABLE FOR EITHER GRINDING OR POLISHING: Provides versatility to handle a variety of tasks with a single machine.
  • EASY ON-SITE MAINTENANCE OR REPAIR WITH STANDARD TOOLS: Reduces downtime and maintenance costs, ensuring the machine is always ready for work.
  • VARIABLE SPEED CONTROL: Allows precise adjustments to the grinding speed for optimal performance on different surfaces.
  • FORWARD/REVERSE GRINDING: Enhances flexibility and control, allowing for better handling in various grinding scenarios.
  • INTEGRATED WATER TANK: Facilitates wet grinding, reducing dust and extending the life of your grinding tools.
  • BRIGHT LED WORK LIGHT INCLUDED: Provides excellent visibility, improving safety and accuracy during operation.
  • CONVENIENT SLIDEMAG OR STANDARD 3-HOLE-BOLTED TOOLING PLATES: Offers compatibility with various tooling options, making it easy to switch between tasks.
  • ADDITIONAL WEIGHT INCLUDED (77 LBS / 35 KG): Enhances grinding pressure for more effective and efficient performance.
  • ADJUSTABLE DUST SKIRT FOR EFFECTIVE DUST CONTROL: Keeps your work environment clean and compliant with health and safety regulations.


  • MODEL: P550Y: Discover the superior efficiency and precision of the P550Y. Engineered for both compactness and capability, this versatile machine is designed to handle a variety of tasks with ease and reliability.
  • MOTOR / ENGINE: 220V, Single-Phase: Delivers robust power suitable for various job site requirements.
  • AMPS: 17.6A - Ensures efficient energy consumption while providing powerful performance.
  • POWER OUTPUT: 5 hp (3.7 kW): Capable of handling tough grinding tasks with ease.
  • POWER FREQUENCY: 60Hz: Standard frequency ensuring reliable operation.
  • TWIST LOCK PLUG: 30A, NEMA L6-30P: Provides secure and safe power connections.
  • MOTOR/ENGINE RPM: 0 - 1800: Adjustable speed for optimal performance across different applications.
  • GRINDING HEAD RPM: 0 - 1500: Variable speed for precise control and effective grinding.
  • PLANETARY PLATE RPM: 0 - 540: Ensures smooth and efficient grinding performance.
  • GRINDING WIDTH: 21.7” (55 cm): Wide grinding path for faster job completion and increased productivity.
  • HEAD DIAMETER: 9” (23 cm): Optimal size for precision grinding and control.
  • LENGTH: 38.2” (97 cm): The optimal length of the P550Y ensures excellent maneuverability, allowing it to navigate tight spaces and confined work areas effortlessly. This makes it an ideal choice for environments where space efficiency is crucial.
  • WIDTH: 21.7” (55 cm): With a streamlined width of 21.7 inches, the P550Y provides a balanced footprint that enhances stability without compromising on accessibility. This dimension strikes a perfect balance between stability and ease of movement, making operations smooth and seamless.
  • HEIGHT: 33.5” (85 cm): Standing at 33.5 inches, the P550Y offers an ergonomic design that promotes ease of use, reducing strain during operation. Its height is tailored to provide comfortable access and control, ensuring prolonged usage without discomfort.
  • WEIGHT: 369 lbs (180 kg): Heavy-duty construction for stability and durability in demanding tasks.


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Bartell Predator P550Y Innovatech Planetary Concrete Grinder

Bartell Predator P550Y Innovatech Planetary Concrete Grinder