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FREE SHIPPING   |    1-844-440-4014   |    LEASING   |   Open: 9-5:30 Monday to Friday
SGR650 Honda 5.5 HP Stump Grinder
SGR650 Honda 5.5 HP Stump Grinder
SGR650 Honda 5.5 HP Stump Grinder
SGR650 Honda 5.5 HP Stump Grinder
SGR650 Honda 5.5 HP Stump Grinder
SGR650 Honda 5.5 HP Stump Grinder
SGR650 Honda 5.5 HP Stump Grinder
SGR650 Honda 5.5 HP Stump Grinder
SGR650 Honda 5.5 HP Stump Grinder
SGR650 Honda 5.5 HP Stump Grinder
SGR650 Honda 5.5 HP Stump Grinder
SGR650 Honda 5.5 HP Stump Grinder
SGR650 Honda 5.5 HP Stump Grinder
SGR650 Honda 5.5 HP Stump Grinder

SGR650 Honda 5.5 HP Stump Grinder

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Elevate your professional prowess with the HOC SGR650 Stump Grinder, featuring the formidable 5.5 HP Honda GX160 engine. Affectionately dubbed "The Pit Bull" by Equipment Gurus Magazine, this powerhouse redefines stump grinding efficiency. Known for its exceptional reliability and strength, the Honda GX160 engine empowers you to tackle the most daunting stumps with unparalleled ease. The SGR650 is not just a tool, but a symbol of your commitment to quality and efficiency. Embrace the power and prestige of "The Pit Bull," and experience a new level of mastery in your projects. This is more than a stump grinder; it's your key to outstanding performance and unrivaled results in the most challenging environments.


Transform your grinding experience with the HOC SGR650 featuring a groundbreaking 270-degree adjustable handle. This innovative design caters to your unique needs as a professional, offering unparalleled flexibility and control. With this feature, maneuvering around challenging angles becomes effortless, allowing you to tackle every project with precision and ease. The adjustable handle not only enhances your comfort during long hours of operation but also significantly boosts your efficiency, ensuring you can deliver exceptional results with minimal effort. Embrace the power of adaptability with the SGR650's adjustable handle and elevate your professional capabilities to new heights.


Experience unmatched cutting prowess with the HOC SGR650 'Pit Bull' Stump Grinder, renowned for its exceptional ability to grind 11 inches above ground and 8 inches below. This unparalleled cutting capacity sets it apart as the most potent compact stump grinder on the market. Proudly coined "Pit Bull" by Equipment Guru Magazine, this unit epitomizes premium quality. Its superior design and capabilities ensure that you can tackle even the most challenging stumps with ease and efficiency, solidifying your status as a top-tier professional. Embrace the power and prestige of the Pit Bull, a symbol of excellence and the pinnacle of stump grinding technology, delivering unmatched performance for every project you undertake.


Boost your operational expertise with the HOC SGR650's adjustable brake tension knob. This exceptional feature grants you the power to precisely calibrate the grinder's responsiveness, aligning it seamlessly with your specific project requirements. It’s all about enhancing your control and ensuring maximum safety and maneuverability in any situation. Whether skillfully handling tight corners or confidently navigating challenging terrains, the ability to modify brake tension in real-time is a game-changer. Revel in the convenience of tailoring your machine's performance to the unique demands of each task, transforming your work into a smoother, safer, and more fulfilling experience. The adjustable brake tension knob is not just an addition; it’s the key to elevating your craftsmanship and conquering every job with unparalleled finesse.


Experience the revolutionary American ingenuity of the SGR650 Hammer Head Teeth, engineered to redefine your stump grinding work. Each tooth boasts unique, enduring sharpness, ensuring consistent, high-quality cuts throughout its extended lifespan. The SGR650's design maintains rapid sweep speed, boosting your efficiency. The innovative three-sided tooth can be rotated twice, tripling the longevity of a single set. This not only saves time but significantly reduces your maintenance costs. There's nothing more quintessentially American than the Tungsten Carbide Hammer Head Teeth, symbolizing strength, resilience, and the pursuit of perfection in your professional craft. Embrace the power of American engineering to elevate your results and outperform with every grind.


Meet "The Pit Bull" – the SGR650 Honda Stump Grinder, a masterpiece of engineering fully conceived and brought to life in Louisville, KY. This powerful tool isn't just a machine; it's a symbol of American craftsmanship at its finest. From sourcing each part to the precision of its welding, assembly, painting, and stringent testing, every step is carried out with utmost care and expertise. Boasting a formidable 11-inch above-ground and 8-inch below-ground cutting depth, equipped with 8 Tungsten Carbide Hammer Head Teeth, and an impressive 2200 RPM, the SGR650 stands out for its performance and efficiency. Its robust design and American craftsmanship ensure it can tackle the most demanding jobs with ease, making it a reliable partner for any contractor. Choose the SGR650 for its American-made quality, unparalleled performance, and the pride of owning a piece of exceptional engineering.


Experience unparalleled efficiency with the SGR650 Honda Stump Grinder, the epitome of excellence in stump grinding technology. Its expertly designed lifting handles empower you, the professional contractor, to tackle even the most challenging projects with ease, transforming your work into a seamless, productive experience. Elevate your craft with this market-leading tool, designed to meet your highest standards of performance and reliability.


Enhance your operational safety and comfort with the HOC SGR650 Honda Stump Grinder's state-of-the-art auto shut-off levers. Tailored for you, the discerning contractor, this feature prioritizes your safety by instantly halting operations upon release, offering indispensable protection. Revel in the privilege of stress-free handling and elevated peace of mind, knowing that your well-being is safeguarded. Embrace this ingenious design, which contributes to more effective, secure, and comfortable project completion, solidifying the SGR650 as a vital tool in your professional arsenal.


Master any landscape with the HOC SGR650 Honda Stump Grinder's formidable 12.5-inch tires, meticulously crafted for you, the versatile contractor. These substantial tires are engineered to provide unmatched stability and agility across diverse terrains. Whether navigating rugged, undulating grounds or gliding seamlessly on flat terrains, your grinder moves with unparalleled ease. This enhanced mobility boosts your efficiency and reduces physical exertion, empowering you to handle more jobs effortlessly. Elevate your stump grinding prowess with the strength and dependability of these large tires, a game-changer in your professional toolkit.


Elevate your craft with the HOC SGR650 Honda Stump Grinder's Performance Power Clutch, a true asset for you, the ambitious contractor. This cutting-edge feature delivers unparalleled torque and speed control, revolutionizing your grinding efficiency. Experience smoother startups and seamless transitions, significantly reducing engine strain and enhancing the longevity of your grinder. Confront even the most formidable stumps with confidence, assured in the knowledge that your equipment is exceptionally capable. Enjoy heightened productivity and diminished maintenance needs, freeing you to excel in delivering outstanding results. The SGR650's Performance Power Clutch is more than a mere component; it's the cornerstone of superior performance and unwavering reliability in your professional endeavors.


Elevate your professional standards with the HOC SGR650 Honda Stump Grinder's Debris Catcher, an essential tool for you, the meticulous contractor. This innovative feature ingeniously captures and contains flying debris, greatly reducing cleanup efforts and enhancing job site safety. By minimizing the resultant mess, you not only safeguard yourself and your environment but also project a more polished, professional image to your clients. The Debris Catcher allows you to concentrate fully on the task at hand, without the distraction of post-job cleanup. Streamline your workflow and uphold the highest standards of cleanliness and safety with this indispensable addition to your stump grinding equipment.


Experience unparalleled convenience with HOC's PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) service, where meticulous attention to detail ensures your machine is assembled piece by piece by hand. This commitment ensures that 98% of your machine is ready upon delivery, removing the burden of complex assembly from your shoulders. The only steps left for you are the simple tasks of attaching the handle and adding gas, designed to be straightforward and hassle-free. This service is entirely complimentary, a testament to HOC's dedication to our customer base. Our staff are delighted to offer this level of care, ensuring your machine is not just delivered, but delivered ready to tackle your projects with minimal setup. Embrace the HOC difference, where we're not just about providing equipment, but ensuring a seamless start to your work with our products

Introducing the SGR650 Stump Grinder: A Testament to American Engineering Excellence

Crafted with precision in Louisville, KY, the SGR650 Stump Grinder stands as a paragon of American engineering. This robust piece of machinery is meticulously designed, assembled, and tested to meet the highest standards of quality and performance, ensuring it is synonymous with reliability and excellence in every operation.

Unleashing Robust Performance and Precision: The SGR650 Stump Grinder — Engineered for Unmatched Efficiency and Durability

  • IMPRESSIVE CUTTING DEPTH: The SGR650 boasts an 11-Inch Above-Ground & 8-Inch Below-Ground Cutting Depth, allowing for efficient and deep stump removal across various project scales. This cutting capability not only accelerates the stump removal process but also ensures a smoother and cleaner landscape finish, dramatically enhancing both aesthetics and safety on any property.
  • HONDA GX160 5.5 HP ENGINE: At its core, the SGR650 is powered by the robust Honda GX160 5.5 HP Engine. Renowned for its durability and power, this engine enhances your productivity, facilitating quick and effective stump clearance, and enabling you to undertake more jobs with confidence. The engine’s reliability minimizes downtime, potentially increasing your income through heightened efficiency.
  • 8 TUNGSTEN CARBIDE HAMMER HEAD TEETH: The SGR650 is equipped with 8 Tungsten Carbide Hammer Head Teeth, designed to deliver maximum durability and high-speed cutting performance at 2200 RPM. These American-made dual-rotation teeth efficiently slice through wood, minimizing wear and extending the grinder's life, while their compatibility with leading brands like DOSKO and TORO simplifies replacements and upgrades.
  • 12.5-INCH TIRES & ADJUSTABLE BRAKE TENSION KNOB: Equipped with 12.5-Inch Tires, the SGR650 guarantees smooth and stable navigation across diverse terrains, from rocky landscapes to muddy conditions.
  • ADJUSTABLE BRAKE TENSION KNOB: The Adjustable Brake Tension Knob enhances control and safety, allowing precise adjustments during the grinding process tailored to each specific job site.
  • NORTH AMERICAN POWER CLUTCH: The patented North American Power Clutch significantly boosts the control and efficiency of power transfer, ensuring the SGR650 responds adeptly to operational demands. This advanced feature maximizes your control over the grinder, reducing the risk of stalls and optimizing performance under various conditions.

SGR650: Harness Power, Precision, and Durability with Superior Specifications

  • MODEL NO: SGR650: Experience robust durability with the SGR650 Stump Grinder, designed to tackle the toughest landscaping challenges. This machine combines a potent blend of strength and precision, ensuring your stump removal tasks are accomplished with efficiency and ease.
  • ENGINE: Compatible With Honda GX160, 5.5 hp, 163 cc: The SGR650 features an ENGINE compatible with the Honda GX160, offering a powerful 5.5 horsepower and 163 cc displacement. This ENGINE delivers reliable performance and substantial power to handle stumps of any size, making it an ideal solution for rapid and effective stump removal.
  • WEIGHT: 90 kg / 198 lb (Net), 105 kg / 231 lb (Gross): Optimal balance and stability are provided by the WEIGHT of the SGR650. At a net weight of 198 pounds and a gross weight of 231 pounds, it is engineered to remain steady during operation while still being manageable to transport and maneuver on various terrains.
  • FUEL: Gasoline: With FUEL efficiency in mind, the SGR650 runs on gasoline, ensuring easy refueling and enhanced energy efficiency. This feature allows for extended operation periods and reduced downtime, enhancing your productivity on the job.
  • STARTING MECHANISM: Recoil: The STARTING MECHANISM employs a recoil start, which guarantees quick and effortless starts every time. This reliable system ensures that you can begin your stump removal tasks without delay, increasing overall job efficiency.
  • TIRES: Wheel Tire 12.5 Inch Diameter: Large 12.5-inch diameter TIRES provide enhanced mobility and easy navigation through rough terrain. These sturdy tires allow the SGR650 to be moved smoothly over uneven surfaces, ensuring stability and reducing the effort needed for positioning.
  • BRAKE: Drum brake: Safety is paramount, and the BRAKE system with a drum brake enhances control and operational safety, particularly on inclines and slippery conditions. This feature ensures that you can securely position the grinder without the risk of it moving unexpectedly.
  • BLADES: 8 pcs Tungsten Carbide blades (4 Bi-Directional, 4 x Centre): The BLADES of the SGR650 are crafted from Tungsten Carbide, including 4 bi-directional and 4 center blades. This configuration maximizes cutting efficiency and longevity, ensuring sharpness and reliability for extensive use, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  • FRAME: Welded Steel: Constructed from FRAME welded steel, the SGR650 offers unparalleled strength and durability. This robust frame supports the high demands of stump grinding and withstands the rigors of heavy use, ensuring longevity and dependability.
  • TRANSPORTATION: Two lift handles on each side: Ease of TRANSPORTATION is facilitated by two lift handles on each side of the SGR650, allowing for easy lifting and mobility. These handles ensure that the grinder can be transported between job sites effortlessly, enhancing overall work efficiency.
  • HANDLE: Ergonomic, height-adjustable: An HANDLE that is ergonomic and height-adjustable allows for user comfort and adaptability to various operator heights. This feature helps in reducing fatigue and provides a more comfortable operating experience during prolonged use.
  • CUTTING WHEEL: 8.66 inch diameter: The CUTTING WHEEL with an 8.66-inch diameter ensures deep and precise cuts, allowing for effective stump removal. This large wheel size facilitates quicker stump clearing with fewer passes, saving time and effort.
  • CUTTING WHEEL RPM: 2200 rpm/min: A high CUTTING WHEEL RPM of 2200 rpm maximizes the cutting speed, enhancing the ability to grind stumps quickly and efficiently. This high RPM ensures that the grinder performs consistently, even through tough wood, making the job faster and smoother.
  • DRIVE: Direct Belt Drive + Centrifugal Clutch + 17x1346Li V-belt: The DRIVE system combines a direct belt drive with a centrifugal clutch and a robust 17x1346Li V-belt. This multi-faceted drive mechanism provides a smooth transfer of power, exceptional durability, and reduced maintenance, enhancing operational efficiency and reliability.
  • CUTTING CAPACITY: 11 Inch above grade, 8 Inch below grade, no limit on stump diameter: The CUTTING CAPACITY of the SGR650 is designed for versatility, able to cut 11 inches above grade and 8 inches below grade without limitations on stump diameter. This allows for complete stump removal in a variety of sizes, ensuring that no job is too big or too small.
  • TEETH: 8 American Made Hammer Head, Tungsten Carbide: The TEETH are constructed from American-made Hammer Head, Tungsten Carbide, offering premium cutting performance and durability. These teeth are specifically designed to withstand the toughest conditions and deliver consistent results, reducing the frequency of tooth replacement.
  • STEEL: 42CrMo, HRC40-42 hardness: The STEEL used in the SGR650 is 42CrMo with an HRC40-42 hardness rating, ensuring exceptional toughness and wear resistance. This high-quality steel is critical for the demanding nature of stump grinding, providing a sturdy construction that resists wear and extends the lifespan of the machine.
  • TOOTH WEIGHT: 1.59 lbs: Each TOOTH WEIGHT at 1.59 lbs contributes to the balance and effectiveness of the cutting mechanism. The substantial weight of each tooth helps maintain cutting depth and precision throughout the grinding process, ensuring efficient and consistent performance.
  • TOOTH DIMENSIONS: 4-1/4 Inch (Length), 2-13/16 Inch (Width), 1-1/2 Inch (Tip Length): The TOOTH DIMENSIONS are specifically engineered to optimize cutting performance and durability. The size and shape of the teeth are designed to maximize the cutting surface area, resulting in smoother cuts and more efficient stump removal.

Enhance your landscaping capabilities with the SGR650 Stump Grinder, where power, efficiency, and durability converge to deliver unmatched performance in stump removal. Whether for commercial or personal use, this stump grinder will undoubtedly exceed your expectations, making it an essential tool for any serious landscaping professional.


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SGR650 Honda 5.5 HP Stump Grinder

SGR650 Honda 5.5 HP Stump Grinder