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FREE SHIPPING   |    1-844-440-4014   |    LEASING   |   Open: 9-5:30 Monday to Friday
SGR650 Honda 5.5 HP Stump Grinder
SGR650 Honda 5.5 HP Stump Grinder
SGR650 Honda 5.5 HP Stump Grinder
SGR650 Honda 5.5 HP Stump Grinder
SGR650 Honda 5.5 HP Stump Grinder
SGR650 Honda 5.5 HP Stump Grinder

SGR650 Honda 5.5 HP Stump Grinder

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Experience unparalleled performance with the HOC SGR650 Stump Grinder, now powered by a formidable 5.5 hp Honda engine. This mighty engine empowers you to effortlessly conquer the most stubborn stumps, boosting your work efficiency and productivity. With the trusted reliability of Honda, you'll face less interruption and achieve greater progress in your projects. Embrace a newfound sense of confidence as this potent machine turns your stump grinding challenges into smooth accomplishments. Its augmented power isn't just an improvement – it's your new ally in mastering every task.


Revolutionize your approach to stump grinding with the HOC SGR650's 270-degree adjustable handle. Designed with the diligent contractor in mind, this feature provides unmatched adaptability and control. Customize the handle to your ideal position, ensuring ergonomic ease and precise completion for every task. This flexibility reduces physical stress, enabling you to work longer and more effectively. Effortlessly maneuver through narrow spaces and intricate angles, enhancing both efficiency and skill in your projects. The adjustable handle of the HOC SGR650 is more than just an accessory; it's a key ally in securing top-notch outcomes with comfort and simplicity. Experience the power of personalization in your work.


Experience unmatched adaptability with the HOC SGR650 Stump Grinder, boasting an exceptional cutting depth of 11 inches above ground and 8 inches below. This capability enables you to smoothly adjust to diverse stump sizes and scenarios, guaranteeing a complete and efficient removal process. Whether you're dealing with surface roots or excavating to eradicate tenacious stumps, this stump grinder equips you with extraordinary precision and efficiency. Revel in the fulfillment of leaving a clean slate, as you effectively pave the way for new endeavors and opportunities. This cutting depth is not just a feature; it's your tactical edge in achieving flawless, professional outcomes.


Enhance your mastery and accuracy with the SGR650 Stump Grinder's adjustable brake tension knob. This cutting-edge feature enables precise calibration of the grinder's responsiveness, tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring maximum safety and agility. Whether maneuvering through cramped areas or confronting difficult landscapes, the flexibility to modify brake tension instantly equips you to operate with confidence and effectiveness. Discover the convenience of tailoring your machine's functionality to suit the intricacies of each distinct assignment, streamlining your work to be safer, more efficient, and gratifying. The adjustable brake tension is more than a mere tool; it's your key to skillfully navigating every challenge.


Transform your stump grinding experience with our top-tier Rayco compatible teeth, crafted to surpass the norms of OEM performance. Imagine a world where your cutter wheel stays pristine, courtesy of our groundbreaking tooth/pocket design. Envision fewer work interruptions and diminished maintenance worries, leading to substantial savings in time and funds. Embrace the remarkable change in balance and efficiency, thanks to a structure built to resist bending, twisting, and shattering. The carbide tip ensures seamless, non-stop grinding, enhancing your machine's horsepower efficiency dramatically. Elevate your work effortlessly with smooth chip disposal. Make a revolutionary leap in your work today with this essential upgrade!


Experience the unparalleled dependability and significance of the HOC SGR650 Stump Grinder, a proud North American creation. As a contractor, your insight into the need for reliable equipment is invaluable. This grinder is a testament to elite engineering and rigorous quality control, promising unwavering performance and enduring robustness. Its roots in North American manufacturing ensure rapid access to support and readily available parts, significantly reducing downtime and amplifying your productivity. Trust in a machine built to withstand your most challenging projects, offering you peace of mind and the confidence to excel in any task. Avoid the pitfalls of imitation HOC Stump Grinders and opt for the genuine SGR650, celebrating its exceptional local craftsmanship and unwavering reliability.


Unlock the essence of efficiency with the HOC SGR650 Honda Stump Grinder, now upgraded with easy-to-use lifting handles. As a committed contractor, this innovation marks a significant shift in your workflow. Transport your grinder seamlessly to any location, lightening your workload and conserving valuable time. Powered by a sturdy Honda engine, this grinder turns daunting stump removal into a manageable and efficient process. The addition of these lifting handles transforms your work, reducing physical strain and empowering you to handle more projects effortlessly and confidently. Upgrade your equipment and elevate your work performance with this vital enhancement.


Enhance your safety and ease of operation with the groundbreaking auto shut-off levers on the HOC SGR650 Honda Stump Grinder. As a contractor, your safety is crucial. These innovative levers ensures immediate cessation of the grinder's operation upon release, offering a critical safety measure. This not only protects you but also simplifies the usage, enabling smooth transitions during operation. Enjoy a stress free experience and complete peace of mind, with your safety taking center stage. This intelligent design leads to more efficient, secure, and comfortable project completions, establishing the SGR650 as an essential tool in your professional arsenal.


Master any landscape with the HOC SGR650 Stump Grinder, equipped with formidable 12.5-inch tires. Tailored for you, the agile contractor, these sizable tires provide unmatched stability and maneuverability across diverse terrains. Navigate with ease over rough, uneven grounds or glide smoothly on flat surfaces; these tires ensure your grinder moves with unparalleled ease. This translates to less time spent on challenging transportation and more time dedicated to your primary tasks. The improved mobility leads to heightened efficiency and reduced physical effort, empowering you to handle more jobs effortlessly. Boost your stump grinding prowess with the strength and dependability of these substantial tires.


Maximize your work efficiency with the HOC SGR650 Honda Stump Grinder's Performance Power Clutch. As a committed contractor, this feature is a true game-changer, offering unparalleled torque and speed control to enhance your grinding effectiveness. The power clutch facilitates smoother startups and transitions, minimizing engine wear and significantly prolonging your grinder's lifespan. With this advanced technology, confidently tackle the most challenging stumps, assured that your equipment is exceptionally equipped for the task. Benefit from increased productivity and reduced maintenance needs, enabling you to concentrate on achieving outstanding outcomes. The SGR650's Performance Power Clutch isn't just a component – it's the key to unlocking unparalleled performance and dependability in your work.


Elevate your professional workspace with the HOC SGR650 Honda Stump Grinder's cutting-edge Debris Catcher. For you, the skilled contractor, maintaining a neat and secure job site is paramount. This innovative feature is expertly designed to effectively capture and contain airborne debris, drastically cutting down on cleanup time and boosting safety measures. By keeping the mess at bay, you safeguard not just yourself and your environment, but also enhance the professional image you present to your clients. The Debris Catcher allows you to concentrate fully on the task at hand, rather than worrying about the subsequent clean-up. Optimize your workflow and raise your professional standards with this indispensable tool in your stump grinding equipment.

Transform your contracting work into a seamless, highly efficient operation with the Honda SGR650 Stump Grinder. This economical powerhouse is designed to elevate your work, making even the most challenging tasks manageable. With its ability to grind stumps 11 inches above and 8 inches below ground, you're guaranteed a pristine and clear site, every time.

The heart of the SGR650 is the robust Honda GX160 5.5 HP engine, embodying reliability and strength. This engine empowers you to efficiently clear stumps, speeding up your work and significantly boosting your income potential.

Innovative Rayco compatible Super Teeth, made from durable tungsten carbide, are a testament to the grinder's cutting-edge design. These teeth effortlessly slice through wood, minimizing wear and prolonging the life of the grinder, allowing you to focus more on the task at hand and less on maintenance.

Hand-assembled in North America, the SGR650 stands as a beacon of precision and quality. Each component is meticulously crafted to ensure you have a machine that is both effective and dependable.

Maneuvering the SGR650 is a breeze, thanks to its 12.5-inch tires which enable smooth navigation across diverse terrains. The adjustable brake tension knob adds an extra layer of control, ensuring stability and safety during operations.

A key feature of the SGR650 is the patented North American Power Clutch, a hallmark of innovation in the field. This clutch offers unmatched control and power transfer, ensuring that you remain in command and the machine responds intuitively to your needs.

Investing in the Honda SGR650 Stump Grinder means embracing efficiency, reliability, and ease in your work. This tool is more than just a machine; it's a partner dedicated to elevating your contracting business.


  • Model No: SGR650
  • Engine: Powerful Honda GX160, 5.5 hp, 163 cc
  • Weight: Net: 198 lb, Gross: 231 lb
  • RPM: 3600 rpm
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Start: Recoil
  • Wheels: 12.5 inch
  • Brake: Drum brake
  • Blades: 8 pcs, Tungsten Carbide (4 x Bi-Directional, 4 x Centre)
  • Frame: Welded Steel
  • Transportation: lift handles for easy loading
  • Handle: Ergonomic, adjustable
  • Size: Product: 63 x 27 x 47 inch, Packing: 42 x 32 x 26 inch

Cutting Wheel:

  • Diameter: 8.66 inch
  • RPM: 2200 rpm/min
  • Drive: Direct Belt Drive + Centrifugal Clutch

Cutting Capacity:

  • Above Grade: 11 Inch
  • Below Grade: 8 Inch

Embrace the SGR650 as your tool of choice, ensuring your work is not just done, but done with unmatched efficiency and ease.


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    SGR650 Honda 5.5 HP Stump Grinder

    SGR650 Honda 5.5 HP Stump Grinder